Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Reader Awards 2008

Last year, following the conclusion of Torchwood's first season on British television, launched a successful "Reader's Awards". This year it's back - bigger and better than ever before, with new categories and a lot else besides!

Send an email to the following address; answering each of the following categories. All the results will be added together after the closing date (April 3oth) - and we'll announce the winners in May!


Mark each story out of 10 - 10 being the highest; 1 the lowest. We'll add the results together, and find (based on averages) the highest through to the lowest rated adventures.

1: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
2: "Sleeper"
3: "To the Last Man"
4: "Meat"
5: "Adam"
6: "Reset"
7: "Dead Man Walking"
8: "A Day in the Death"
9: "Something Borrowed"
10: "From Out of the Rain"
11: "Adrift"
12: "Fragments"
13: "Exit Wounds"


We never got a chance to do this last year. Following Jack's appearence in the 'Master Trilogy' I figure now's as good a time as any! Again, mark out of ten:

1: "The Unquiet Dead" (with Eve Myles)
2: "Aliens of London" (with Naoko Mori cameo)
3: "The Empty Child" / "The Doctor Dances" (with John Barrowman)
4: "Boomtown" (with John Barrowman)
5: "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways" (with John Barrowman)
6: "Utopia" / "Sound of Drums" / "Last of the Time Lords" (with John Barrowman)


Choose from any of the regular cast (although last year's winner, John Barrowman, is excluded - for the sake of giving the rest of the team a chance to shine!!)

1: Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper)
2: Burn Gorman (Owen Harper)
3: Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato)
4: Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto Jones)
5: Kai Owen (Rhys Williams)


Choose any of the series' guest performers. Some are listed below, but for a more comprehensive list check out the first post in the comments section:

1: James Marsters (Captain John Hart)
2: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
3: Tom Price (PC Andy)
4: Nikki Amuka-Bird (Beth, "Sleeper")
5: Anthony Lewis (Tommy, "To the Last Man")
6: Bryan Dick (Adam, "Adam")
7: Alan Dale (Copley, "Reset")
8: Richard Briers (Parker, "A Day in the Death")
9: Nerys Hughes (Brenda, "Something Borrowed")
10: Julian Bleach (Ghostmaker, "From Out of the Rain")
11: Ruth Jones (Nikki, "Adrift")
12: Oliver Ferriman (Jonah, "Adrift")
13: Andrea Lowe (Katie, "Fragments")
14: Lachlan Nieboer (Gray, "Exit Wounds")
15: Paul Kasey (Blowfish/Weevils)


Choose from any of the following series two writers:
1: Chris Chibnall ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Adrift", "Fragments", "Exit Wounds")
2: James Moran ("Sleeper")
3: Helen Raynor ("To the Last Man")
4: Catherine Tregenna ("Meat", "Adam")
5: J.C Wilsher ("Reset")
6: Matt Jones ("Dead Man Walking")
7: Joseph Lidster ("A Day in the Death")
8: Phil Ford ("Something Borrowed")
9: Peter J Hammond ("From Out of the Rain")


Choose from any of the following series two directors:
1: Ashley Way ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Reset", "Something Borrowed", "Exit Wounds")
2: Colin Teague ("Sleeper", "Meat")
3: Andy Goddard ("To the Last Man", "Adam", "Dead Man Walking", "A Day in the Death")
4: Jonathan Fox Basset ("From Out of the Rain", "Fragments")
5: Mark Everest ("Adrift")


Choose from any of the following:
1: Something in the Water (Trevor Baxendale)
2: Trace Memory (David Llewellyn)
3: The Twilight Streets (Gary Russell)


Choose from any of the following:
1: Hidden (Steven Savile)
2: Everybody Says Hello (Dan Abnett)


Give the following marks out of 10 - 10 being the highest; 1 being the lowest:
1: Anything Goes - John Barrowman Autobiography (CD & Book)
2: Inside the Hub (Steven James Walker, Telos Publishing)
3: Torchwood - the Official Magazine (Titan Publishing)
4: The official website (


From the season one DVD boxset, pick:
1: Best special feature (Torchwood Declassified, commentaries, featurettes, etc.)
2: Best audio commentary (which specific episode did you enjoy best??)


Give a five word (no more!) summary of the second season. The ten best will acompany the results when they're published next month!


Leave your opinions of the site here. They won't be published on the main site, but will help me and the site's other writer's understand what you, the reader, want to see more/less of - and how successful a job we're doing!

Again, send your results here.

The closing date is 11:59pm on April 30th.

The results will be published mid-May.

Get voting!


jackharkness said...

A full list of series two guest stars:

"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" - James Marsters (Captain John Hart), Tom Price (PC Andy), Paul Kasey (Blowfish), Jonathan Hart (Voice of Blowfish), Menna Trussier (Old Woman), Crispin Layfield (Mugger), Nathan Ryan (Victim)

"Sleeper" - Nikki Amuka-Bird (Beth), Dominic Coleman (Police Officer), Paul Kasey (Weevil), Matthew Arwel Pegram (Driver), William Hughes (Alex Grainger), Victoria Pugh (Mrs Grainger), Millie Philippart (Girl), Claire Cage (David's Wife), Alex Harries (Burglar 2), Doug Rollins (David), Luke Rutherford (Burglar 1), Sean Carlson (Patrick Grainger), Dyfed Potter (Mike Halloran), Derek Lea (Paramedic).

"To the Last Man" - Anthony Lewis (playing "Tommy"), Roderic Culver ("Gerald"), Siobhan Hewlett (Harriet"), Lizzie Rogan ("Nurse") and Ricky Fearson ("Foreman").

"Meat" - Colin Baxter (as "Policeman"), Patti Clare ("Ruth"), Garry Lake ("Vic"), Gerald Carey ("Greg") and Matt Ryan ("Dale").

"Adam" - Bryan Dick (playing Adam); Demetri Goritsas (Jack;s Father); Lauren Ward (Jack's Mother); Jack Montgomery (Young Jack); Ethan Brooke (Grey); Rhys Myers (Young Adam); Paul Kasey (a Weevil).

"Reset" - Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Alan Dale (Copley), Jacqueline Boatswain (Plummer), Jan Anderson (Marie), Rhodri Miles (Billy) and Michael Sewell (Mike).

"Dead Man Walking" - Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Paul Kasey (Weevils), Skye Bennett (Little Girl), Joanna Griffiths (Nurse), Ben Walker (JamieBurton), Lauren Phillips (Hen Night Girl) and Golda Rosheuvel (as a "Doctor").

"A Day in the Death" - Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), Richard Briers (Parker), Christine Bottomley (Maggie), Louis Decosta Johnson (Farrington), Brett Allen (Taylor), Gil Kolirin (Webb).

"Something Borrowed" - Nerys Hughes (Brenda), Sharon Morgan (Mary), W€illiam Thomas (Geraint), Robin Griffith (Barry), Collette Brown (Carrie), Danielle Henry (Megan), Ceri Ann Gregory (Trina), Jonathan Lewis Owen "Banana Boat), Morgan Hopkins (Mervyn) and Valerie Murray (as "the Registrar").

"From Out of the Rain" - Julian Bleach (the Ringmaster), Camilla Power (Pearl), Stephen Marzella (Jonathan), Hazel Wyn Williams (Faith Penn), Lowrl Sian Jones (Nettie), Eileen Essell (Christina), Anwen Carlisle (Restaurant owner), Yasmin Wilde (Senior nurse), Caroline Sheen (A&E nurse).

"Adrift" - Tom Price (PC Andy), Ruth Jones (Nikki), Oliver Ferriman ("Jonah"), Robert Pugh (Old Man), Lorna Gayle (Helen).

"Fragments" - James Marsters (Captain John Hart), Amy Manson (Alice Guppy), Noriko Aida (Toshiko's mother), Heather Craney (Emily Holroyd), Julian Lewis Jones (Alex), Simon Shackleton (Bob), Claire Clifford (Milton), Andrea Lowe (Katie), Skye Bennett (Little girl), Gareth Jones (Security guard), Richard Lloyd-King (Doctor), Catherine Morris (Nurse), Selva Rasalingam (Psychiatrist), Paul Kasey (Blowfish / Weevil)

"Exit Wounds" - James Marsters (Captain John Hart), Lachlan Nieboer (Gray), Paul Marc Davis (Cowled Leader), Golda Rosheuvel (Dr. Angela Connolly), Syreeta Kumar (Nira Docherty), Cornelius Macarthy (Charles Gaskell) and Paul Kasey (Weevils / the Hoix).

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titan magazines have updated their magazine page page for torchwood for the 100 page issue4 special

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