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This is intended as a replacement for this page. Originally posted back in 2007, that post is now horribly out of date - as various sites have closed down, and it doesn't reflect the move of cast and crew onto social media platforms.

(I think it's a shame that Torchwood's online presence has shrunk this much in the years since Miracle Day - but I guess that's the nature of any media lacking in new material.)

Anyhoo, happy reading!

Official Sites
BBCi's Official Torchwood Site
Big Finish - Torchwood Home Page
Doctor Who Magazine

Cast & Crew - Sites
Lauren Ambrose (Unofficial Facebook)
John Barrowman
Gareth David-Lloyd (Facebook)
Jane Espenson (No longer updated)
Burn Gorman (Currently N/A)
Alexa Havins (Unofficial)
James Moran
Naoko Mori (Agency)
Eve Myles
Kai Owen
Bill Pullman (Unofficial)
Russell T Davies (Unofficial)
Arlene Tur (Facebook)
Indira Varma (Currently N/A)

Cast & Crew - Twitter
Lauren Ambrose (Unverified)
John Barrowman
Chris Chibnall
Gareth David-Lloyd
Jane Espenson
Burn Gorman
Alexa Havins
James Moran
Naoko Mori
Eve Myles
Kai Owen
Tom Price
Arlene Tur

Cast & Crew - Instagram
John Barrowman
Burn Gorman (Private)
Mekhi Phifer
Arlene Tur

News Resources
Blogtor Who
Comic Book Resources
Doctor Who News
Torchwood Three

Non-News Resources
Behind the Sofa Reviews (No longer active)
Doctor Who Guide's Torchwood section
Torchwood Episode Guide (
Wikipedia's Torchwood page

GallifreyBase (Membership needed)
The Torchwood Forum

Commercial Sites
BBC Shop
Telos Publishing (Inside the Hub, etc.)

Sister Sites (No longer updated)

Miscellaneous - Contributors
A Life of Cliché (Anthony Garnon, aka "jackharkness")
Skepticklist (Kurly)
It's Gotta Go Somewhere (Salina)

* takes no responsibilty for the contents of the above sites - nor can it guarentee that all links are still operational*


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Tony Jones said...

BTW - the Big Finish Forum has gone, but fans can still exchange news and views on the Divergent Universe Forum - here