Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DW: Slaver's Song - Part 1 [Comic Preview]

Out today from Titan Comics... #9 of their ongoing Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor series!

Jack features within, and this current storyline may answer the long lingering question of what happened to those missing 2 years of Captain Jack's memories...

We've been sent some preview pages from our friends at Titan:

(Apologies about the resolution quality of that last image.)

You can order the issue by clicking here.

Meanwhile another storyline from the series - titled Doctormania, and also featuring Captain Jack - is released collected in graphic novel form.

That book can be ordered internationally from here.

Elsewhere... Torchwood 2 #1 hits shelves on February 8th!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Titan Comics - Torchwood 2 Updates

Titan Comics have changed the release dates for the Torchwood 2 series:

Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and the rest of the crew of the Ice Maiden investigate a case the likes of which even they haven’t seen before! Does the ship’s unconventional crew have what it takes?

Release date now 08/02/17 (was 01/02/17)

Jack, Gwen and the crew of the Ice Maiden must stop the threat that started in the Skagerrak Strait, before disaster ensues. And what is Rona’s secret? Meanwhile, the mystery of Lady Karina and Torchwood House continues!

Release date now 08/03/17 (was 01/03/17) 

The Torchwood team must deal with the threat posed by Lady Karina, but can they find out her secret and stop her plans? And the mystery of Rona continues; can the Ice Maiden crew find out more about their young stowaway?

Release date now 05/04/17 (was 29/03/17) 

Synopsis... classified!

Release date now 03/05/17 (was 26/04/17)


The four issues will be collected into a graphic novel later in 2017.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Burn! 'Eggs! The Full Monty!

Since the last update, Big Finish have released a full statement confirming Burn Gorman's return to Torchwood!

"WE'VE GOT BURN!!! It's so exciting," says producer James Goss. "We've been trying to get Burn Gorman since we started. We've been hunting him across the globe, from Man In The High Castle to And Then There Were None, and we kept getting so close - and then he vanished into the depths of Hungary to make a film for months - but as soon as the project wrapped he was raring to go"

The full statement can be read by clicking here!

Meanwhile the Radio Times spotting a cheeky reference to Torchwood hidden within episode 2 of Sherlock's fourth series (click here to read the story).

And! There's a trailer for Kai Owen's UK tour of The Full Monty. Of course you want to see it!

Click here for an interview with Kai about the production.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's Burn, Baby!

The latest Big Finish podcast reveals some great news - actor Burn Gorman is returning to Torchwood! He's set to reprise his role as Owen Harper in an upcoming audio adventure. We're promised more news this Friday via Big Finish and excited producer James Goss. Watch this space!

The current release schedule for the new audios, plus Titan's ongoing comic (please be aware that dates for the comics slip quite often - we'll do our best to update you on changes):


January 2017

The Torchwood Archives goes on general release.

March 2017

01/03: Torchwood #2.2 (Titan Comic)

29/03: Torchwood #2.3 (Titan Comic)

31/03: Visiting Hours (BF audio - with Rhys)

April 2017

11/04: Torchwood: Volume 1 (Titan Comic, collecting #1.1-1.4)

26/04: Torchwood #2.4 (Titan Comic)

30/04: The Dollhouse (BF audio - with 1970's Torchwood LA!)

May 2017

31/05: Corpse Day (BF audio - with PC Andy Davidson)

June 2017

07/06: Torchwood #3.1 (Titan Comic)

30/06: TBA (BF audio - cast TBC)

July 2017

12/07: Torchwood #3.2 (Titan Comic)

31/07: TBA (BF audio - cast TBC)

August 2017

16/08: Torchwood #3.3 (Titan Comic)

31/08: TBA (BF audio - cast TBC)

September 2017

20/09: Torchwood #3.4 (Titan Comic)

Meanwhile you can currently pick up Torchwood: Rift War (a comic strip adventure that originally featured in Titan's Torchwood: The Official Magazine) for £2.99 by clicking here.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Week Of Big Finishes

It's been a busy week for Torchwood updates - all courtesy of Big Finish Productions.

Firstly, The Torchwood Archive was announced; a release to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the series launch in October. It reunites the original series cast (bar Burn Gorman), ties into the current Committee storyline, and tells tales from across the Torchwood timeline. It's a perfect celebration of the show - so thanks Big Finish, we promise to pre-order it now!

Meanwhile they'll be another series of 6 single disc releases coming in 2017 - the first of which features the return of Rhys' Mum! Once more the series will jump across Torchwood's history, and we'll visit the Torchwood of 1970's L.A.!

There's two prequel boxsets coming...

The first is Torchwood: Before The Fall, which takes place at Torchwood London's Canary Wharf arm. It tells the story of when Ianto Jones worked for Yvonne Hartman, and is out in January.

Then, The Lives of Captain Jack! It tells the story of Jack immediately following Doctor Who's The Parting Of The Ways as he lies trapped in the year 200,101 - recently returned to life, on a post-Dalek Earth! It then skips ahead to his life in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and will guest star Jackie Tyler and Midshipman Alonso Frame!


Titan Comic's Torchwood comic continues its monthly releases. Issue 2 is coming 28th September.