Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ianto's Finishing Big, Too!

Following up and updating the latest Torchwood audio news:

It's now been confirmed that Gareth David-Lloyd will be returning to the role of Ianto Jones, for Big Finish's upcoming Torchwood revival. For somewhat obvious reasons, this massively hints that the series will indeed take place prior to the events of Children of Earth and Miracle Day.

Check out this fun snippet of Ianto, ready (as ever)!

Details have been released of the first two releases in the series:

The Conspiracy

Captain Jack Harkness has always had his suspicions about the Committee. And now Wilson is also talking about the Committee. Apparently the world really is under the control of alien lizards. That's what Wilson says. People have died, disasters have been staged, the suspicious have disappeared. It's outrageous.

Only Jack knows that Wilson is right. The Committee has arrived.

Written by: David Llwellyn
Directed by: Scott Handcock


John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), John Sessions (Wilson), Sarah Ovens (Kate), Dan Bottomley (Sam)

This adventure was recorded 30th April 2015, and Big Finish's website indicates it went before the mics in both LA (where John now lives) and Big Finish's own hub, the Moat Studios.

Fall to Earth

The SkyPuncher is the first private spaceflight. But Ephraim Salt's visionary project has gone horribly wrong - the ship is falling out of the sky and there seems no way to stop it.

Ianto Jone thought the flight would be sabotaged. The only problem is... he's on board.

Written by: James Goss
Directed by: Scott Handcock


Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Zeynep (Lisa Zahra)


In a change to their initial announcement, Big Finish will now release the series in consecutive months - beginning September 2015.

All images featured in this article belong to Big Finisg. Please support this fantastic company by ordering the releases here and here.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Captain Jack's Big Finish


Torchwood's coming back, so we here at get to dust down the cobwebs and report some news for once.

Yes, t'was inevitable I suppose. Big Finish Productions are producing brand new audio adventures for the Torchwood gang, that will debut September 2015.

Big Finish has issued an excited (and rightly quite proud-of-themselves) statement on their website, here

It's not made clear when exactly in the Torchwood timeline these new adventures take place, but the first release is called The Conspiracy. At a guess, it'll be pre-Miracle Day for the time being.

It features John Barrrowman, alongside John Sessions, Sarah Ovens and Dan Bottomley.

Details on the subsequent releases, due in 2016, haven't been made available at the moment.

More news as and when it comes in.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Radio Plays!

Breaking news! John Barrowman has said that Torchwood is coming back in the form of radio plays. Here's the quote, care of Rob Owen of the Community Voices blogs. 
"I do know that we're doing three or four radio plays for the BBC for 'Torchwood,'" Barrowman said. "My sister and I are discussing the possibility of writing one of them and whether or not that leads to something [on TV] ... But I'm full-time with 'Arrow' now. It's not a question of me not wanting to do it, it's a question of the BBC wanting to do it or others wanting to do 'Torchwood.' I know the fans are out there so I think they'd be silly not to."
You can check out that original article here.
As the creators of Arrow are Doctor Who fans; having brought in Barrowman as well as Alex Kingston, it's no surprise that they are more than willing to let Barrowman run off to do a special. According to John, one of the plays will include the Torchwood Team, but it wasn't specified whether that was the season 1 and 2 team or a later version. Fingers crossed that Toshiko, Owen, and Ianto get to come back for an all new story! The other plays will be "character-based" and no further information was given at this time. 
Julie Gardner and Russel T. Davies are both involved in the project. 
John and his sister, Carole, first joined forces to pen John's Autobiography "Anything Goes." Since then they have tackled a second biography, two installments of YA fiction series called Hollow Earth, and a Torchwood novel called Exodus Code. It would be interesting to see what they have to bring to the table for a Torchwood radio play.  
If you haven't read John and Carole's Torchwood book, Exodus Code, check it out at Amazon .
What do you hope to hear in the next batch of Torchwood Radio plays? What old voices can you not wait to have back? Let us know in the comments! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye

A statement regarding

It's been two years since the last full season of Torchwood aired; almost three since it was recorded.

At this point, it is highly unlikely that the show will return for a fifth season, or at all in any format (although lets remain hopeful!).

As such, there 's very little new news to report on.

For the time being then, the site is closed for business. Its archive of Torchwood related news, dating back to the day the show was announced in late 2005, remains.

We're proud of what we've achieved here since then.

Thanks to everybody who's contributed, either through writing the blog, leaving comments, or simply visiting us.

Don't forget, as if you could, that you can pick up all of Torchwood's television episodes on demand, or DVD/Blu-Ray. There 's also a wealth of Radio Episodes and other audio exclusives for you to hunt down and enjoy, also.

Be seeing you...


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Miracle!

Starz has had a successful launch of the new Torchwood series, Miracle Day. New episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day air Friday nights at 10:00.

Recently, Starz brought the cast of Torchwood to San Diego Comic Con where they participated in a screening of the third episode as well as a panel. You can take a look at that panel here:

There were also plenty of wonderful interviews that happened over the course of the Comic Con weekend. If you're interested, leave a comment saying so, and I'll gather a collection of them in an upcoming blog post.

For those lucky viewers who have Ipads or Iphones, you can check out the original motion comic Torchwood: Web of Lies. The series is written by Jane Espenson and features the voice talents of John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Eliza Dushku. Web of Lies is an interactive, enhanced story that gives away clues to the sinister forces behind the "miracle" of Miracle Day. Go check out the first episode on You Tube here:

For more information on Web of Lies, including how to download each new episode that will be released in tandem with new episode airings of Miracle Day, check out this website.

For those of you who still pine for some more traditional Torchwood tales, there are three BBC Radio Plays that take place just before and just after the Children of Earth mini series. There are also three new novels in the works. Stay tuned for more information on those.