Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's about time

A question that has come up is, how Captain Jack manages to get from Satellite 5 , where we last saw him in Doctor Who, to modern-day Cardiff which is the setting for Torchwood? By asking this question, you are already making a rather large assumption, that the action in Torchwood will all be taking place after Jack Harkness has met the Ninth Doctor.


Russell T. Davies has already stated there will be no crossovers with WHO on the show and hasn't made any specific references to where the show will fall in a Doctor Who timeline. We already know Captain Jack was a former time agent and had no trouble jumping forward and backward through time before he met the Doctor.

The show may even be set during those missing two years of Jack's memory. That would of course conveniently answer the question of why he never spoke fondly of Gwen or Torchwood during season 27 of WHO.
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