Monday, December 26, 2005

Quick TCI Spoiler

If you haven't heard what the Torchwood reference in The Christmas Invasion is yet, here it is: Torchwood is a covert operation which takes orders from the government and has access to the missile/energy weapon that The Independent had previously mentioned. Torchwood is not the weapon itself, which makes a hell of a lot more sense. The weapon is based on alien technology, which to sum it up, means that Torchwood is a covert outfit that deals with alien activity. Last I checked we already knew this!

Doctor Who
Source: The Christmas Invasion Screen Capture

Well its a bit odd that the folks at Torchwood would have control of some super kill-o-zap gun but basically we seem to be getting the message that there is nothing more to see here, move along folks. Guess this means we can go back to the always fascinating business of Gwen speculation until the next Doctor Who episode comes out in March.
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