Sunday, March 12, 2006

Erm...It Might Not Be 2006 After All

The latest issue of SFX magazine, out next week in News stands across Britain, reveals some interesting Torchwood news: the show may "do a 'Life On Mars'" and debut on BBC One next January, in the first week or so after the New Year. The magazine also hints that the spin-off could be paired up with Life On Mars on Monday nights to form a "Sci-Fi block". Hmm, interesting.

Monday nights in Britain usually see some low-brow ITV 'drama premeire', and except for the likes of Spooks (which now airs on Thursdays) and Life On Mars, BBC's Monday night output really doesn't have a lot going for it. Also, the high rated Coronation Street has a full two episodes airing on Monday nights. The greedy things. This probably explains why the BBC performs so badly in the ratings. Could Torchwood, a high profile spin-off, make all the difference?

Of note too is Olga (JB's dancing partner on Dancing On Ice) has a question and answer session now online, and in it one fan asks: "Has anyone suggested a cameo role in Torchwood?" Olga's answer to this is very very interesting : "That sounds a great idea , I would love to do such a thing , maybe I could be the Russian spy , I think my accent would suit the role!!! "

Does Olga have inside information off of JB? Is there a Russian Spy? Was it meant as a joke? Surely they'd never give Olga an acting role?!?

Now that would be worth seeing!
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