Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stokes of the soaps

Unlike most of the rest of the crew, newly named Torchwood producer Richard Stokes has not already been part of the Doctor Who team. He has come over to RTDHQ from producing the BBC1 hospital drama Holby City.

The show is already well-connected, James Hawes directed an episode of Holby City, and even our old friend Rachel Stevens was engaged to one of the stars of the show. Well you know me, I could go on for days about the soap, but I will defer to the experts and have you check out our sister site Holby.TV if you desire to learn more about the goings on at everybody's favorite hospital.

The BBC has an online profile of Stokes featuring an interview he did sometime before he signed on with Torchwood. He praised RTD's writing and said the production he most wished he had the opportunity to work on was the original Star Trek. Sounds like we have been able to rescue Richard from the world of tissuebox-tv just in time. Prior to Holby City, he came up the ranks at the BBC working on Eastenders. No worries Richard, we won't hold it against you, everybody has to earn their stripes somewhere.
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