Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nobody Can Wear An Elvis Outfit Like John Barrowman

Day two of John's stint on 'This Morning' opened with a rather comical sketch involving John dressed in an Elvis costume (complete with a g-string we're told), similiar to the one he wore during his Dancing On Ice routine. The reason? His old friend from the show, Stefan Booth was poping in to chat with John and Fern.


Stefan talked about his recent visit to Kenya, on behalf of World Aid. Raising some valid points about the state of Africia, Stefan seemed glad to be back with John - here's hoping for another reunion soon enough on Torchwood!

Now, John may come across on screen as an intergalatic rogue, but the secret's out: in real life he appears to be a fashion expert. When he and Fern introduced an item on this spring's hot fashion John seemed to know more on the topic than This Morning's own fashion expert. Who needs a Costume Designer on Torchwood when they've already got John. Perhaps he has his own defabricator at home too...

One particular highlight was the guest Gail Porter, talking about ghosts and strange goings on in her "documentary" series Dead Famous (a subject matter that John himself will soon be very familiar with...). Anyhoo, during the discussion, Fern referenced ghosts possessing humans, and I quote, Gail's responce was "Was he partially entered from the front or the behind?". Of course John, Captain of The Innuendo Squad, leaped on this comment and for the next fifteen minutes was in a fit of hysterics. And you know what, I'm betting millions of viewers were too.

Oh, and round two of the Tom Cruise discussion arose today. After previewing a clip from the forth coming Scary Movie 4, where a character mimics Cruise's Oprah Winfrey stunt, John decided it best to jump on the studios chairs in his own special tribute to Cruise. As soon as screencaps become available, I'll post them here. I promise you, I was in a fit of laughter. This man is a genius!

Anyway, tomorrow's guests are none other than David Tennant and Billie Piper. The interview will mark the first time that John, David and Billie have all sat together as a team. The interview will be aired around 11 o'clock, but the programme begins at 10:30. You can't afford to miss it. I have a feeling that come series three of Doctor Who we'll be seeing a lot more of this trio. Forget "School Reunion". Tomorrow's going to be a rather cool reunion.

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