Saturday, April 22, 2006

So, Fancy A Stay At Torchwood House?

Just a quick update:
To coincide with Tooth and Claw, the BBC have made their first Torchwood themed spin-off website. It's viewable here Naturally it has a few neat surprises and 'hidden features' in it, but to be quite frank, I haven't worked them out myself yet! (Password for the Observatory is in the comments)

Anyway, BBC, more please!


Kurly said...

Wow, I'm getting married in June. Maybe we could rent the Torchwood House banquet hall!

GracieLizzy said...

Have you seen the Tardisode for School Reunion? Mickey is prevented from accessing a site by Torchwood.

TJ said...

Bernard Cribbins a companion of The Peter Cushing Doctor is with Nurse Gladdis from open all hours on eof the couples pictured in the wedding section of the site.

Also the dine with us takes you to an external link for an ice cream company which has a tinkly ice cream van jingle of the Rose Tardis music.

Anonymous said...

Bernard Cribbins also played MOON FACE MARTIN in the 1989 revival of ANYTHING GOES at the Prince Edward Theatre, which also starred Captain Jack (John Barrowman)

Kurly said...

The password for the observatory sections is: - Spoiler Space -


Anonymous said...

If you go onto the observatory bit and click on the bell at the bottom it says "Under Modification by the Butler Institue". It may be nothing but I just thought I'd mention it

Anonymous said...

Click Visiting, then Refreshments. Check out the Millingdale Ice Cream. Recognise the jingle anyone? It clearly spreads through all of time and space ;)

I think it's actually creepier than the original because the original was beautiful whereas that's twisting something we know which will always feel weird. The changes in the rhythm and length of notes makes it worse.

Anonymous said...

Pass word given does not work????It will not alow more than 8 letters????
So any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hey, check out the flavours on the Millingdale site.

Red Pit of Delight - Satan Pit

Madame du Popadom - Madame du Pompadour

Magpie Mayhem - Mr Magpie [TV Shop Owner]

There may be more references but I can't think of any so far.

PS: I clicked on Ghost Glace and went to some wierd page.