Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This Morning The TARDIS Arrived...

The big day finally came today: John Barrowman interviewed David Tennant on This Morning, the first major meeting (bar a quick run in during John's Pantomine last year) between the two stars. Sadly, Billie Piper was a no-show (she's ill apparently - get well soon!). Her absense wasn't too noticable though - thanks mostly to one John Barrowman, as ever, being on top form.


Tennant came with an added beard, and he talked about two specific topics : New Earth's broadcast (Saturday, 7:15 PM, BBC One folks!), as well as the return of Sarah-Jane Smith and K9 in episode three "School Reunion". John desperately tried to extract more information from his future co-star, but all his attempts were futile. It was a great moment when John chatted to David about his return in series three, because he doesn't half sound excited by the idea! It's claer that John's missing the Doctor Who fold - so he should be counting down the days to May just like all of us then!

Anyway, today's hot news is that John recently went to a modeling session for Character Options. Yes, that's right folks, the Captain Jack action figure is coming out in June, as John 'exclusively' revealled today. Whether or not this will be a Doctor Who series one or Torchwood series one figure remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure - Captain Jack's back. At long, long last.

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