Saturday, April 22, 2006

Torchisodes Coming

Well it's a better name than Tardisode anyway. According to somebody in the OG forums, Torchwood will get the same treatment as Doctor Who with minute-long weekly previews that you can watch on the web or on your cell phone as the show airs. They will also be wrtten by Gareth Roberts. This has not yet been confirmed by anybody else.

Don't miss WHO tomorrow night for lots of clues on the origins of Torchwood in the new episode Tooth and Claw. (As if anybody bothering to read this page would normally be watching snooker saturday nights) It's bound to be an improvement on New Earth, after all you can't go wrong when you put Queen Victoria together with a werewolf and flying Shaolin warriors. Throw in her servant John Brown and you have a classic.
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