Sunday, May 28, 2006

Inside the Hub (Or, At Last, A New Set Report!)

Here's a quick set report from our friend in the Torchwood production team. Some would call him a mole. Not me. I'll kindly bestow the nickname Chula upon our friend on the inside, in honour of Captain Jack's first appearence on Doctor Who (the infamous Chula warship in "The Empty Child" two-parter). So, here's Chula's latest set report, this time with a difference. It's not from location filming, but from deep within the Torchwood studios at Camelot! Yay for Chula! BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS...

Have been in the studios all week so not much to report. The sets are incredible, especially the HUB (Torchwoods secret base under Millennium Square) it's a large cavernous space with high-tec work stations, a firing range (where we discover Gwen is a crack shot), a morgue and dungeons where Torchwood's resident monster the "Weevil" lives (played as always by Dr Who's brilliant monster-man Paul Casey). The Weevil is fantastic and is sure to be one of the Fan's favorites, but it's not the only monster down there!

Gareth has been shooting his first scenes as Ianto this week and his character is quite the charmer. Dressed in snazzy suits he guards the Hub from unwelcome attention and although not strictly part of Torchwood, his intelligence, good looks and a strange ability to make superb coffee makes him an valued contributor to their investigations.

The cast and crew said their goodbyes to Peter Bennett (1st AD) and Stefan Morris (2nd AD) both returning to Dr Who. Steff received a Dalek cake whilst Peter's had a picture of John Barrowman pulling a moonie on his (he dutifully ate the piece of cake with Johns butt on it). Both will be greatly missed.

Torchwood secret:
We learn a big secret about Capt Jack at the end of episode 1, he tells Gwen -

Out of respect for the Torchwood production team, that's where our set report ends. They work so hard to bring us thirteen episodes of television magic that it would be horrible of me to ruin the fun and tell you guys the secrets months in advance. But it is a marvellous secret, and should make for a VERY interesting series concept. And on that cryptic note, I'll bid you guys goodbye until more Torchwood news comes in...
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