Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Torchwood And The Fiction Of Fans

Forgive me for that very Babylon 5 blog title. Anyway, with little to no Torchwood news to discuss (bar a short interview on sci-fi wire which can be found here) I thought that I'd invest in some useless conversation, specifically on the subject of fan fiction.

Recently I commented upon the birth of Torchwood's fan community. One aspect of such a community is the ever growing number of fan fiction sites. And Torchwood's no different. However, very few websites have any solid Torchwood fanfic pages. Mostly the sites have Captain Jack tales from his time aboard the TARDIS. Believe it or not there's not much fan fiction relating to Jack's missing two years.

But there are always exceptions. Below is a short list of some of the sites I've found that talk about Jack's past in very innovative ways.

Doctor Who World

I must stress that these stories are in no way "canon" and should not be taken for fact. They are not written by the BBC Production teams, and are in no way associated with them. Still, they're terific fun, so get reading!

If anybody out there has any more website names that do contain Torchwood fanfic adventures, then contact myself or Kurly, and we'll add the site to the list above.

And guys, welcome to the mad, mad world of fan fiction writing!
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