Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Those Damn Greeks!

As predicted, this month's Doctor Who Magazine (issue 371) reveals some interesting Torchwood news (so, at last, we've some proper news! We've been waiting long enough now!).


According to the magazine, the start of June saw the completion of block one of filming on the series. Block one is expected to contain two episodes: episode one ("Flotsam and Jetsam" by Russell T Davies) and episode two (by Chris Chibnall). Post-production work has started on these episodes now.

Block two then moves before the camera. This schedule block consists of two episodes, both directed by Colin Teague. Episode three is written by Helen Raynor and named "The Ghost Machine". Episode eight is now confirmed as being written by Toby Whithouse, and has the strange name "Greeks Bearing Gifts". Insert your own 'that one features a greek Torchwood' rumours here.

Pre-production on block three has already started (with a likely Late-June/Early July filming date). This block consists of two further episodes, and is to be directed by James Strong, the director of "The Impossible Planet" / "The Satan Pit" episodes from season two of Doctor Who. Russell T Davies seemingly can't wait to see how "James tackles modern day Earth!". And neither can we.

By the end of block three, six complete episodes will now be in the can for Torchwood, and block three should conclude filming mid-July. Which raises a question: how can John Barrowman be filming blocks four, five and six of Torchwood from Mid-July onwards, when he's expected to start filming talent show "Maria" around the same time? A case of being in two places at one time? Hmm...

In related news, the current issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine (issue six) features a comic strip by Torchwood scribe Si Spencer. The magazine, for anybody interested, is on sale until early next week.

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