Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who Doesn't Dig Dinosaurs?

aeshna_uk over at the torch_wood community has posted the following news about Torchwood's special effects:

"Over on OG, PMount has reported on some bits of Torchwood info that popped up in the latest edition of Broadcast magazine. Much info on the SFX side of things, including info on a rather unusual pet....Apparently there's a CGI pterodactyl that lives in the roof of the Hub. :D I've always LOVED pterosaurs, so I'm unreasonably hyped about this! I'm hoping for one of the smaller, cuter species (they were furry, after all!). Guess it must have strayed through the Rift at some point and made itself at home. I now have insane images of them feeding it pizza crusts and Ianto worrying about getting pterodactyl crap on his nice suits.... Is it October yet? :D "

See, we told you Torchwood would be multi-cultural...
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