Wednesday, October 11, 2006

(Not) Torchwood Magazine

This month's Doctor Who Magazine (issue 375 folks!) features a tiny amount of news on the developments surrounding Torchwood - and for the first time, we have a reason why the amount is so small.


The reason why DWM doesn't devote more of it's time and pages to Torchwood is simple, as editor Clayton Hickman tells us in the editorial. "Much as we're all excited about Torchwood...we have to be careful what we print in a family magazine." He goes on to explain that Torchwood coverage demands it's own seperate license away from that which Panini currently hold for Doctor Who. Basically, the DWM team aren't allowed to talk about Torchwood in great deal!

I have no idea what this means for Torchwood fans reading DWM, but one thing's for sure; we aren't getting episode previews like we do with Doctor Who. However, over the next couple of months the magazine promises to bring us up-to-date a little with Captain Jack, et al. But what shape this takes, we'll have to wait and see...

In the meantime, we've got a little Torchwood news! The series is CONFIRMED as airing on Sunday 22nd October 2006 - with a simutaneous broadcast on both BBC One and BBC Three! Episode two will follow immediately after on BBC Three, but for BBC One fans it's going to be a long wait for the second episode. In a bid to get as many fans buying a freeview box, episode two and the other eleven episodes won't be shown on BBC One until NEW YEAR!!!

So. Good news to fans who've been dying to see Torchwood episode one asap. Bad news though if you were planning to watch episodes 2 - 13 without a freeview or digital box!

UPDATE: Radio Times and JB's site are currently reporting the episodes will be repeated on Wednesdays on BBC2 at 9:00pm

In other news, the Torchwood website launches tomorrow, Thursday 12th October, and will feature explorations of alien autopsies, behind the scenes footage, and interactive tour of The Hub, and exclusive interviews with cast and crew that aren't available anywhere else. After the broadcast of each new episode, catch-ups will run on the site to bring all die hard Woodies (i.e the ones without BBC Three!) up to date. In short, is the place to be for all Woodies!

Another website, will run too, as a "fictional" site for all Torchwood employees.

The magazine also confirms the episode titles for the first six episodes of Torchwood. They are as follows:

EP1: "Everything Changes" (formerly "Flotsam and Jetsam")
EP2: "Day One" (formerly "New Girl")
EP3: "The Ghost Machine"
EP4: "The Trouble With Lisa"
EP5: "Small Worlds"
EP6: "Countrycide" (by Chris Chibnall)

The episode guide will be updated in due course.

In related news, the second Doctor Who spin-off series (you could call us spin-off mad here at "The Sarah Jane Adventures" has begun the production process. Filming for the (expected) New Year's Day special has started, and guest stars include Jamie Davis, Joseph Millson, Juliet Cowan and Porsha Lawrence Mavour as 'Kelsey'. The full series goes into production in Spring 2007, and will consist of 10 half hour episodes for broadcast on the CBBC Channel. Matthew Bouch is confirmed as producer.

Rather cryptically, the magazine also reveals that Russell T Davies plans to write the final three episodes of Doctor Who's third season - and goes on to say that these are the episodes that feature Captain Jack. Now, we knew of his return in the season finale - but will he also be returning for the standalone episode 11 too? Fingers crossed!

Towards the back of the magazine, there's an interview with monster-maker Neil Gorton. He talks about "recurring characters, like the Weevils". He also talks about how Doctor Who and Torchwood's monsters relate to one another, and the challenges involved in bringing Torchwood's monsters to the screen.

So, although we can't expect much Torchwood coverage inside, Doctor Who Magazine is always a pleasure to read. Issue 375 is at "WHSmiths and all good newsagents" now, at a cost of £3.99.

For more details about the current issue, click here.

11 days now folks. We're almost in the final countdown stage!

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