Friday, October 20, 2006

Straight From the Hub

One of our growing number of readers was lucky enough to visit Upper Boat recently. The studios are where Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures are now filmed.

Anyways, our reader, Paul, works for Wales' Real Radio, and is lucky enough to know Torchwood director Colin Teague. Here's what Paul made of his recent set visit:

"Ok, I am back!
Yes, I have been to the sets at Upper Boat, you can touch me if you like .... Not there! On the arm for crying out loud!



To start, I was taken to a special set and sworn to secrecy ... But I can probably tell you more on January 1st..........

Then I had a tour of the props department .... And it's quite a sight ... Packed with shelves and racks of anything and everything you could possibly hope for. Then tucked away in a forgotten corner ... The Genesis Ark! John Lumics wheelchair! And ...... The Torchwood mobile (looks amazing, bastard to drive apparently).
From there, via a series of tunnels under construction for the current Who episode... To the Hub!

I couldn't take any pix as they were setting up for this afternoons filming but I have to say that it is gorgeous! The hub is a fully enclosed set and actually has many levels to it that don't quite come across from the interactive tour online. For example, the boardroom is about two storeys up. They broke for lunch while I was in the wings and I was lucky to catch a smile from the lovely Eve Myles .... As she carried her lunch out to the canteen.... Oh the glamour of showbiz.

And then, as we left the hub, I rounded a corner to find the myself face to face with the rear walls of a very famous set .... You know the one, with the little hexagonal bits with round lights in.

I was allowed to walk through the 'doors' up the ramp and onto the console. Again, they were fixing lights and things as filming is due late today on it but I was given a few minutes to stand in awe, have my picture taken on it and then we had to scoot off.

On the way out, I was shown a quick Torchwood trailer that is so new and hot, not all of the FX are even finished in it ....... And Woodies, we are in for some treats over the next thirteen weeks.

I am a very very very very happy man today."

Who's suddenly jealous of Paul...?
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