Thursday, October 12, 2006

Torchwood Declassified

The new behind the scenes Torchwood series we've been promised is just one of the many highlights of - which launched in full at lunch today.

Titled "Torchwood Declassified", the series is a weekly behind the scenes guide to the making of individual Torchwood episodes, in the same fashion as "Doctor Who Confidential". Each episode should feature cast and crew interviews, as well as trips to the likes of The Mill. It's not yet none if viewers outside of the United Kingdom will have access to the series, but at the present moment in time, that looks unlikely. Even poor Kurly can't access the footage, because he lives in the US! No fair.

We're told that an update on the online series should be expected on "19.10.2006" - so watch this space!

Elsewhere on the website, there's a very cool tour of the Hub that only takes up a few minutes of your life, but fills us in on essential character information. There's a short interview with Russell T Davies (who loves his cast of actors very much!), as well character workstations that each have short character bios running on them. Sadly, because Torchwood is still a few weeks away from broadcast, there's a few areas on the site that still remain empty - but soon enough they'll be packed with juicy Torchwood gossip, so keep your eyes peeled!

The BBC site is a great home to the new Torchwood series, so don't forget to bookmark it in your favourites list (along with I'm sure!). And remember to check back on the site for further updates in the coming weeks.

Now, we're only 10 days away. I'm counting down the seconds (literally!)...

UPDATE: It now looks like Torchwood Declassified will appear on BBC 3 in some shape or form. The Radio Times website indicates a Declassified three o'clock in the morning!
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