Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cold November Nights

November is here (talk about saying the obvious) and as we all wake up for school, college or work this Wednesday morning, we can smile in the knowledge that Doctor Who swept up at the National Television awards again last night, after last year's triumphs. David Tennant won best actor, and Billie Piper best actress, with the show itself crowned Best Drama. Hooray!

Torchwood itself should be eligable for awards next year, so my fingers are crossed!


In other news, most major British newspapers have been running a preview of the Cyberwoman themed episode four - with a picture of the half converted "Lisa" acompanying the article. Man, that Cyber-suit really doesn't leave a lot to the imagination! Knowing Captain Jack, he's probably thinking exactly the same thing right now!

This week's Radio Times (without another Torchwood Behind the Scenes - damn!) states "Take the Torchwood Logic Test in November's BBC Mind Games Magazine, out November 7th priced £2.99" - so, for any budding Mister Spocks out there, with a fascination with logic, that magazine's just for you. How exciting!

A preliminary November schedule for all things Torchwood can be seen below. I've only included first run episodes on BBC 3 / 2 - but be warned, the list is likely to change before transmission!

1st November 2006 - Ghost Machine (FIRST BBC 2 SCREENING)

5th November 2006 - Cyberwoman, plus Torchwood De-classified (FIRST BBC 3 SCREENING)

8th November 2006 - Cyberwoman (FIRST BBC 2 SCREENING)

12th November 2006 - Small Worlds, plus Torchwood De-classified (FIRST BBC 3 SCREENING)

15th November 2006 - Small Worlds (FIRST BBC 2 SCREENING)

19th November 2006 - Countrycide, plus Torchwood De-classified (FIRST BBC 3 SCREENING)

22nd November 2006 - Countrycide (FIRST BBC 2 SCREENING)

26th November 2006 - Greeks Bearing Gifts, plus Torchwood De-classified (FIRST BBC 3 SCREENING)

29th November 2006 - Greeks Bearing Gifts (FIRST BBC 2 SCREENING)

Thanks for supporting the site over October - here's hoping for a fantastic November month!

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