Monday, November 27, 2006

Offical Stamp of Approval

The agonising wait for a season two announcement continues (it might be sooner than some think...) but in the meantime, BBC Director General Mark Thompson praises all departments at BBC Wales in a statement released today. You can read his thoughts here. Notice how casually he mentions Torchwood getting a sesond season:

"I'm sure we will be seeing more series of both Doctor Who and Torchwood. There's a lot of admiration and a bit of jealousy elsewhere in the BBC because of the success here."

Interesting... Even the BBC's top man wants a second year! (hint hint BBC Executives who may be reading...)

In related news, last night's Torchwood episode - Greeks Bearing Gifts - secured a rating of 1.2 Million. Therefore the show beat Sky one's Lost which only managed 1.1 Million. Go Torchwood! We're top of the game again!

It's slow news day again and new recruit raxacoricofallapatorius has already covered most areas of what I was going to talk about here (damn him! I'll get you back Raxxie! :P). Be nice to the new guy - because looking back, first posts are always the hardest. No doubt Kurly remembers mine; mostly because it sucked so badly!

We learn from our mistakes...

..As the BBC will if they don't recommission the show! (See what I did there?!).

Take care friends and pterodactyls, and see you all soon.
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