Thursday, December 21, 2006

If you can't beat it, profit from it!

In a big press announcement yesterday, the BBC agreed to team up with Azureus and provide legal downloads of their shows for a reasonable fee. The new bittorrent software Zudeo looks like it will be somewhat similar to the iTunes model of getting US TV shows that has proved successful. (Personally I haven't a clue why anybody would pay for anything off of US network tv, aside from The Office, but that's neither here nor there)

The important thing about the news is that folks in the States like myself who want to do the right thing, but also don't want to wait over a year for a show like Torchwood or WHO to get here, will now be able to do it without breaking any commandments. Glad to hear that the BBC is realising that the old models of broadcasting are changing. Just like everything else they are being dictated by global market forces.

I'm already jumping on the bandwagon. Everybody is invited to come over for an Eastenders marathon on my computer this weekend!
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