Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Naoko Loves Kermit

The beast has awakened. After a couple of months in hibination, OutpostGallifrey is back where it belongs; spilling the beans on the very best Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures news. With over 25,000 readers daily, the site is unquestionably the daddy of all Doctor Who fan sites, and you can visit its freshly updated pages here.

Already the site has reported some interesting (albeit irrelevant) Torchwood tip-bits. Where to begin...?

Naoko Mori was recently interviewed by the Guardian newspaper's sister publication, "The Observer". The Torchwood star talks about her favourite Sesame Street star, Kermit the Frog, and how she'd rescue him from a burning house (!). She goes onto discuss photographs and Japanese design. The full interview can be read at the paper's site, here.

In other news, John Barrowman is taking the moral high ground, and supporting the canine charity Dogs Trust - who campaign around Christmas time for dogs and other animals not to be bought for Christmas presents. K9 Magazine (alas, not a sister magazine to DWM) reports on the story here. Go John - a hero both on and off screen!

Television writer Jed Mercurio has some less-than-nice feelings towards Doctor Who and its spin-offs. He describes the series as "juvenilia, things that are really children’s drama dressed up a bit for an adult audience. If I give it a year people will have seen how boring it is to have endless Doctor Who spin-offs. Then, hopefully, people will go ‘we’ve made idiots of ourselves, let’s make something good again." He's just a little bitter that his series, "Bodies", lost out to Doctor Who at this year's BAFTAs.

I take it possible spin-offs for "Bodies" are out of the question Jed?

Finally, ratings are in for the BBC Three broadcast of "They Keep Kiling Suzie". Sadly, it's bad news in the weekly ratings war with Sky One's Lost. Torchwood secured an average rating of 957,000 - beaten by Lost's 1,004,000. The battle may be lost (gettit?) but the war is far from over...

BBC Two viewers, enjoy tonight's show. It's an interesting episode; and one that was completely rewritten by Russell T Davies (hence the similarities with his own "Everything Changes"). Things in Torchwood-land will never be the same again...

...Something's moving in the darkness, and are you ready?
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