Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Torchwood Archives #4

Each and every Sunday, Torchwood.TV delves into the history of the Torchwood Institute - revealling secrets you never knew before. Folks, "The Torchwood Archives" have been opened...
The following article was recently released from the Torchwood Archives due to the Freedom of Information Act 2004. Some details have been removed for the protection of the British public.

The back cover blurb for B.D Wolf's planned book, "Torchwood Exposed?"

"Sarah Higson has lived in Manchester all her life, and seen pretty much everything. Twelve months ago, whilst investigating the death of gangland criminal Jimmy Flotsam, the reporter came into contact with a strange underground subculture - and her life was never the same again.

For Sarah has undeniable truth that underneath the streets of Manchester live extra terrestrials - disguising themselves as gangsters and local drug dealers in an attempt to reach the very weakest people society has to offer; because then they feed. For these aliens aren't after peace - they simply want to devour mankind.

As you'll see, the government are fully aware of the situation. They fund a secret organisation called "Torchwood" to tackle such problems - and have done for over 100 years. Manchester has it's own Torchwood team (referred to in some circles as "Torchwood 4") and as they took action against the city's underground alien subculture, Sarah Higson was watching everything that they did.

This book comprises her findings. Learn exactly who Torchwood are, and why the government have been keeping the organisation secret for over a century. Discover the truth about the role they play in keeping Britain's streets safe; and exactly what role they played in Mister Saxon's recent political campaign. Most importantly of all, discover the real reason why - since Sarah Higson's investigation ended - 'Torchwood 4' has effectively been wiped off of the map; as if it never existed.

The government have kept us in the quiet for long enough - it's time the truth was known..."

Parliament has deemed the book "dangerous" to both the public, and international relations. It's for that reason alone that they've been ordered to block the book's right to be published, and have sent government agents to investigate Sarah Higson and B.D Wolf Publications.

Appropriate action will be taken against all involved in the leak...

Further updates on Torchwood will follow every Sunday. Until then, good luck, and remember Torchwood's core values:

"If it's Alien, it's Ours"
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