Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Master of Time (In Colour)

I know Chris Chibnall isn't exactly the most popular writer amongst readers of these pages; but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the work he's doing outside of Torchwood. For instance, he's been busy writing an episode of Life on Mars season two - which begins its eight week run on BBC One tonight (in colour; the 70's inspired adverts assure us). For more on the serie, check out my Film 21 site over the coming weeks...


Those rumours surrounding Life on Mars actor John Simms refuse to die away (you know the ones I'm talking about - if not, invisotext for SPOILERS) that he's set to play the Master in Doctor Who's third season finale. The rumour was further fueled by an article in last Saturday's edition of the Independent. And now, by a Simms fronted interview.

During the BBC Radio 6 Nemone Metaxas show, John Simms took part in a phone interview. Thanks to Paul Hayes over at OutpostGallifrey we can report back on one particular question that the actor was asked (invisotext-ahoy)

"Simm was asked a question that had been e-mailed in by a listener, querying whether it was true that he had been cast to appear at the end of series three as the Doctor's old Time Lord nemesis, The Master. "It's all speculation and all rumour at this point - I think it's just journalists getting a little bit over-excited," was Simm's reply. Asked whether he would consider the role were it to be offered, Simm replied "I don't know", agreeing with Nemone that this was basically a "no comment"."

So, still no straight answer. It looks like we're going to have to wait until June - when the particular episodes air. It'll be worth the wait though; as these same episodes mark the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.

I can picture it now; David Tennant, John Simms and John Barrowman together in one episode. Fangirls everywhere are going to be in bliss.

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