Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Barrowman Is Everywhere

With news still a little thin of the ground at the moment (expect that to change shortly, because cast rehearsals start at the end of April - hooray!) I thought I'd share with you a number of interesting videos that have surfaced on the youtube video site recently. All of them feature John Barrowman; whom a close friend of mine recently described as being "yummy"!


1: Filming in Cardiff

Taken (I presume) on a video phone, this features 5 or so minutes of John Barrowman, David Tennant and new girl Freema Agyeman filming Doctor Who's third season finale. Beware, for there will be spoilers!

2: Happy Hour

John's March 3rd appearence on Al Murray's Happy Hour programme. Personally I find Murray a bit of a loud mouth, and at times, totally unfunny. Many disagree! So, that wouldn't be for the first time then...

3: The Lottery - Week One

Ever wanted to see JB release those big money balls? Now's your chance!

4: The Lottery - Week Two

John releases a second set of balls - *innuendo alert*

5: Maria Snog-fest

You remember the one; where John Barrowman snogged more girls than he could ever possibly get his hands on. And you thought he was gay.

6: Anything Goes

John talks about "Anything Goes" on Channel Four's '100 Greatest Musicals"

7: Shark Attack 3

A clip of that line, which JB himself ad libbed on set - and was shocked to see producers leave in the actual film! Caution, not advisable to view at work!

8: E! Red Carpet

The first of four videos (you'll have to click for the rest yourself) showing John's pre-BAFTA red carpet coverage. Warning for the faint of heart - contains scenes of Ruby Wax.

9: Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Part One of three videos showing John's November 23rd appearence on the show. Seems so long ago now...

10: Jack and the Beanstalk

A short clip of JB's 2006/7 panto, "Jack and the Beanstalk". Set to the Scissor Sisters. Nice.

Okay, okay - I think we've all OD on JB goodness now; back to the proper news if and when it ever decides to break... In the meantime checkout about some important casting news; just proves that you can never take anything for granted, doesn't it? Take care folks...
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