Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Naoko On Location

Right now I need cheering up. Big style. I've had possibly the worst two days imaginable, and things can't get any worse. Well, they could - but if I said that my hyperbole would fall flat on its face. Anyways... where was I? Ah, self pity. Yes, it's been a bad couple of days - which meant this little set report from OutpostGallifrey cheered me up more than it probably should have done...

Thanks to "Spaceygal": My friend and I were in Penarth for the afternoon and we spotted lots of vans arriving near the pier. We enquired and found out it was the Torchwood crew, there to film this evening.

We stayed and watched, until around 9pm, when they finished. The only person we recognised was Naoko Mori, who was filming a scene with an actor we didn't recognise. They filmed the same scene countless times.

After the filming finished a few people watching approached Naoko for autographs, so we went over too, to say Hi and ask if we could take a photo. She was so nice and friendly, and chatted to us for a while.

We learnt that the crew are filming again tonight, somewhere in Cardiff City Centre, until 4am, they said. We don't know where in the centre though. We had a good look around everywhere when we returned to Cardiff from Penarth, but couldn't see them anywhere.

We'd have liked to have asked where exactly they would be filming but didn't want to push it. Still, it was great to watch the filming in Penarth, as it was the first time we've ever seen any filming at all.

Naoko said that today was the first day they'd done any location filming for this season, as they'd been filming in the hub up until now.
Here's a few of the pics my friend Sue took, of the filming on Penarth Pier. As you can see, it was a cold, wet, blustery evening. Well worth hanging around though, to see the filming, lol.

Those last four photographs come courtesy of Scooty, a reporter over at The filming taking place was for either episode 4 or 10 of the new series, as directed by Andy Goddard.

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