Monday, June 04, 2007

Landing June 18th

Thanks to the South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club (which has a website here) we now know that Torchwood will be landing on Australian television screens from Monday 18th June, on Channel Ten, at 9:30pm. It's paired up with a 'scary-yet-sexy' American cousin, "Supernatural" which airs the hour before Torchwood.

As Outpost Gallifrey confirms, it's a busy June for Australian Doctor Who fans, as the month also sees the debut of Doctor Who's third season. On Thursday 28th June, the Catherine Tate starring "Runaway Bride" broadcasts on ABC - with further new episodes airing every Saturday night at 7:30pm. If all goes well, then the final episode of Torchwood should air just days before its counterpart "Utopia" airs on ABC.

The full story can be read here.
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