Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Only Live Twice

This news item is coming quite late in the week, but that's okay because I've been busy on holiday in Wales, soaking up all of the sudden sunshine. Apparently John Barrowman will make a guest appearence on Phillip Schofield's "Have I Been Here Before?"; a show which sees celebrities hypnotised in an attempt to help them regress to past lives.

John himself reveals that he was once a 19th century clown who lived in Bucharest, Romana. He claims to have been called Oliver Nostravich, and joined the circus in 1817. Nostravich struggled to make ends meet for his family, and eventually resorted to stealing to feed them all. John says, "I love performing and I am also something of a joker so maybe it's no surprise that I used to be a clown."

"Have I Been Here Before?" airs this coming Wednesday, at 1pm on ITV1. Thanks to Peter Dyke over at the Daily Star for originally posting this story last Monday. Sorry for the delay in re-posting it here - the laptop wasn't included on the package holiday.
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