Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Day, Another Tease

Apparently John Barrowman has been telling audience members watching the recording of his new show, "The Kids Are Alright", that a third season of Torchwood has already been commissioned, and he'll be heading back to Cardiff next June to begin filming it. Fans will know this isn't the first time a Torchwood star has hinted at a 2009 series...

Earlier this month, during a concert with Gareth David-Lloyd in Cardiff, James Marsters revealled to his audience that he's signed on to appear in future episodes of Torchwood, following his guest stint in season two. Marsters seems to be hinted that [SPOILER WARNING] he'll continue to play the role of Captain John beyond the second series finale.

It does mean that John Barrowman will be having a busy 2008. He's already confirmed that he'll be returning to Doctor Who for a number of episodes; the only question now is, which ones? Some fans seem to think that he'll crop up in Steven Moffat's mid-season two parter (which could finally answer the question of Jack's missing two year memory) whereas others - including tabloid newspapers - are inclined to thinking that his return will come in the two part finale, alongside Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. What do you think? When will Jack strike back?

Anyhoo...back to the topic at hand; Torchwood, season three. Remember that nothing's been confirmed yet, so don't get your hopes up - because that way, there's no way they can possibly be dashed. Just sit back, happy in the knowledge that we've got at least another 13 episodes to come, and they start in little over a month...
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