Friday, January 11, 2008

Going Stateside

With all the hype regarding Torchwood's return to BBC Two next Wednesday, it's easy to forget that in little over two weeks the show will also be returning to BBC America - to the delight of many American Woodies! To celebrate the return, BBC America's Torchwood page has been updated with new content, including photos and video clips!

If you click here you'll get access to a number of new behind the scenes images, which feature James Marsters - the key guest star of episode one, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang".

There's also an exclusive clip from the episode, which sees Marster's character, Captain John Hart, realise that life is about to get a hell of a lot more explosive... It also features the return of Ianto's favourite toy, his stop watch! Fangirls, calm down...

Visit this page, and click on the "Video" section.

Torchwood returns to BBC America on "Supernatural" Saturday 26th January, at 9pm.
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