Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Preview: Episode Seven

What's it called?

"Dead Man Walking"

Who's it credited to?

Matt Jones, writer (Doctor Who's "The Satan Pit") and Andy Goddard, director ("To the Last Man", "Adam")

What do we know?

Owen Harper is dead, and the team must mourn his loss. But this is Torchwood, and not everything is as it seems - especially with those Weevils on the loose...

Major guest stars?

Freema Agyeman plays "Martha Jones" again for the second time, and Paul Kasey's "Weevils" play a significant role, too...

Reviewing the reviews

The only review I've seen so far is the one from the Radio Times, which was mixed at best. But then, the reviewer Mark Braxton has been pretty off with regards to certain episodes, so this could still turn out to be a gem!

When's it on?

Tonight, BBC Two from 9pm. There's an edited repeat tomorrow, again on BBC Two, from 7pm.

What about America?

"Dead Man Walking" is scheduled to air on BBC America Saturday 8th March, at 9pm. The BBC America schedule can be found here. You can also catch the episode in High Definition - on HD-Net - March 24th.

Look to the future...

Next week we witness "A Day in the Death", as Owen Harper seeks absolution; but is it too late to help him? Then, following that, there's "Something Borrowed" - as it's Gwen and Rhys' wedding day!

Excitement level?

**** - Last week ended on such a cracking cliffhanger, and it'll be interesting to see where the show ends up next. But, saying that, the Radio Times review wasn't that positive - but Freema's still in it, so it can't all be bad, surely?

BBC Three Preview

BBC Three previews the next episode - "A Day in the Death" - straight after this one. You can read a preview of that episode by clicking here.
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