Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You're Not Paid to Chat (Well, Actually...)

With just one day to go until the return of Torchwood here in the UK, things are starting to hot up again after several long, hard slow news months! Take DigitalSpy for example, which has gone into Torchwood overdrive - there's an interview here with Russell T Davies who claims that the second season is funnier than ever. He also drops hints about what to expect from Chris Chibnall's Episode 11: "It's Gwen. Alone. Searching for missing children in Cardiff. That's all I'm saying. It's a beautiful piece of work."

DigitalSpy also has interviews with the rest of the TW cast, which you can read by clicking here.

There's also the final part of SFX Magazine's "Torchwood Week", online only, which concludes with an Eve Myles interview. The latest issue of the magazine goes on sale tomorrow, and it features an eight page spread on the new series. But it does also have Primeval on the front cover... so make your own judgements! ;)

Elsewhere, and Russell T Davies is set to be interviewed on BBC 6 Music today, from 1pm. The radio station can be heard on any Digital Radio set, or on Freeview.

Davies is also interviewed tomorrow, on BBC Four's Mark Lawson programme, where he's expected to discuss his whole career, from Dark Seasons to Century Falls, Queer as Folk to Mine All Mine, and Doctor Who through to Torchwood. It airs at 11pm - so keep those VCRs recording long after "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" has finished!

More updates over the coming days.
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