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BBC Two (beating the channel's Wednesday night time slot average week in, week out) and for BBC America in, erm, America! That much we know. The reason why a third series hasn't yet been officially announced? Perhaps the BBC are waiting for a perfect PR moment, or will use an announcement to promote Doctor Who's return? Perhaps, even, it'd spoil certain elements of the Torchwood/Doctor Who season finales to tell all now?

Whatever, there's changes a coming!

Stop reading right now if you don't want the end of series two spoiled for you!

As regular readers of this site will know, there's a rumour that "Exit Wounds", the last Torchwood episode of 2008, will see the death of two regular characters Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato - and there's whispers that next year they'll be replaced in the show, and the Torchwood team, by two familiar faces - Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman).

A report by Sci-Fi Pulse seems to indicate that the next series will take a much lighter tone - and the show will move away from its more adult nature. Effectively, the show would be like the cutdown, edited 7pm repeats that currently grace BBC Two - family friendly, but still dealing with darker subject matter than Doctor Who or The Sarah Jane Adventures currently do.

Numerous sources say that series three won't start filming until August this year (apposed to the usual May through to October filming schedule we've been used to) which could suggest that the show won't be back until mid-way through next year. I.E. Not another January launch - maybe March, or April 2009?

Finally, there's the availability of John Barrowman, and the prospect that from next year he might not be a central figure within the show anymore. He's a busy television career (including a role on the Canadian version of "How to Solve a Problem Like Maria?" coming up) and reports are that Jack Harkness will be a reduced presence in the Torchwood team from here on out.

With all that into consideration, what are your opinions? Will this still be the same show you're used to watching, and will you still want to watch if all these reports come true?

It's still gonna be Torchwood, sure - but will it be your Torchwood?

Personally I have faith in the production team - some of the best writers / directors / designers / candle stick makers on the planet. If anybody can pull such a revamp off, it's them.

Have a little faith, and a lot more Torchwood!

Right, here's the thing: I've been writing this blog a pretty long time, and it's made me a little thick skinned. There's something great, and clever, and funny about Torchwood fans - or "Woodies" - but a small fraction of them can be terribly demanding too. It's only because they're so passionate and supportive or the series, but still, they make demands that other fans might not - and demanding people let their feelings known more than anybody else!

Reading the comments on this blog can be a chore at times, because some of those fans often take their frustration (regarding potential spoilers/plotlines/news stories they don't like) out on me, the writer. Let me tell those fans; I'm aware that much of this report might not be true - but as a Torchwood news reporter, it's my obligatation to report them.

What if there's just a fraction of the truth hidden in there? Hmmm? And imagine I never reported it? How stupid and incompetent would I - and the blog - look then, if we missed such a major news story?

You'll find that I never sensationalised the story. Infact, the main point of the essay was to reassure worrying fans if all this is going to happen, it's a good thing. Change is good, especially with this production team. But it's not set in stone just yet - and I feel that did a good enough job to reinforce that point in my writing ("...he might not...", "...which could suggest...", etc).

In short:

I never said anything was happening for sure. As a reporter I was just reporting the whispers that I've been hearing these past few months. Some might be true, some might not. Over the next couple of months will continue to report solid facts, some of which might debunk what I've said here. Who knows? Perhaps you'll join us for the ride, perhaps not.

But I won't stop reporting stuff like this, if I think it's in fan interest.

I'll finish with a Burn Gorman soundbite:

"I’m the type of actor who gets bored pretty easily. The scripts and the people I’m involved with are so passionate, that it has a certain amount of momentum. I really like the actors I work with, but the very nature of Torchwood, I would say, is one where people die young. I’d never say never, but there is only so many times a person can be shot, stabbed, poisoned or whatever before it just isn’t believable anymore. But I’ve had a really good time doing it and I hope the Torchwood world continues, definitely."
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