Tuesday, March 04, 2008

White Wedding

The Radio Times previews episode nine - "Something Borrowed" - with a review by Mark Braxton. "After the recent gloom and gravity, Torchwood returns to its best format: a collision of the domestic and the fantastical, with exciting, funny, even touching results. As Gwen, Eve Myles cements her rep as the show's most consistent performer."

"Something Borrowed" (specifically a Nerys Hughes scene) is the magazine's 'moment of the week'.

The episode guest stars the aforementioned Nerys Hughes (as "Brenda"), Sharon Morgan ("Mary"), William Thomas ("Geraint"), Robin Griffith ("Barry"), Collette Brown ("Carrie"), Danielle Henry ("Megan"), Ceri Ann Gregory ("Trina"), Jonathan Lewis Owen ("Banana Boat"), Morgan Hopkins ("Mervyn") and Valerie Murray (as "the Registrar").

Also showing next week is the pilot episode of Noel Clarke's new scripted drama, "W10 LDN" - the story of drugs, sex and everything else on a London council estate. It airs at 9pm next Monday on BBC Three, and is repeated after the first showing of "From Out of the Rain" on BBC Three, Wednesday the 12th, at 10:40pm.

In other news, it looks like Torchwood is heading for a Blu-Ray release. The DVD Source website has the show's first season up for pre-order now, due to be released on 30th June. As many people will know by now, Blu-Ray won the format war (opposed to the loser, HD-DVD, which has now ceased production). There's no confirmation of the release as of yet.

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