Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?

I live in the United Kingdom, which is up there with the US and the rest of Europe as one of the most politically correct nations on this damn planet. I mean, we can't even call a black board a black board, just incase it incites racial hatred or offends anybody, for Pete's sake. I'm telling you, it's crazy. It's a flaming black board!

I'm saying that because what follows probably is pretty damn un-PC. Probably as un-PC as it can get. It's a video clip, taken from the film "Downfall" which features Adolf Hitler, sat inside his tiny little bunker days before his death/defeat, talking to his band of men and women. Of course, some clever dick (or, if that's offensive to male readers out there who are mighty proud of their dicks, I'll re-phrase that in as best a PC way as possible: "Of course, some clever male genetalia that dangles down, but aren't a pair of testes...") has re-edited the scene, with an added Torchwood twist.

The link is here.

Before anybody comments on the nature of Adolf Hitler and the atrocitites he caused, yes I'm well aware of history. I'm not making a joke of the hundreds of thousands... millions, even, that died during World War Two. Thankfully, I didn't live through that era. Hitler was a bastard, scum of the Earth - we all know that. This video isn't laughing with him; it's a bitch slap right in the middle of his face.

You don't wanna watch? That's fine by me, I'm not making you.

But it's funny as Hell ;)
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