Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toy Time

Over on the Doctor Who Forum news has leaked regarding the second wave of Torchwood action figures, via a forum member who works for the Sci-Fi Collector company. According to a statement released by him/her:

I can confirm that we have today placed the Purchase Order, and paid the deposit for the next 4 characters, so there's no turning back! They will be Ianto, Captain John, Tosh and The Blowfish. May/June is not out of the question, but as we have seen before, complications can impede such optimism.

We are also progressing some Limited Editions, which it is realistic to suppose will be ready about the same time.

We propose to offer customers who pre-order, in the same way as we have done for wave 1, with a freepost opportunity, and the likelihood of early despatch, but the pre-ordering facility will not be announced for a little while yet.

We should be able to load images onto the site in the next few days. Ianto looks very fetching in his new pin stripes, and Tosh is now fully approved and looking great!

So, by the end of wave 2 the only member of the Torchwood team (aside from Suzie Costello) not to have a figure dedicated to them will be Owen Harper. Sci-Fi Collector goes on to discuss whether we'll eventually see this particular character figure...

Owen has been sculpted and remains very much on the cards, but we have one or two other ideas that we are exploring.

Hmmm... I wonder whether Owen will be released as a SDCC exclusive (like the much sort after Doctor Who Time Crash set)? If not, he should definitely be part of the third wave, which - based off personal preference - I'd also want to see feature Bilis Manger, a Sleeper agent and the aforementioned Suzie Costello.

The range's first wave features Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, a Weevil and Lisa/the Cyberwoman. They're set to a 5 inch scale (despite the Doctor Who range also being this, the Torchwood figures are ever so slightly taller than their Character Options' cousins). You should be able to pick up the figures on the high street via Forbidden Planet and Forbidden Planet International stores, or online at places like

Alternatively, you can order via Sci-Fi Collector themselves.

And on that note, thanks to Sci-Fi Collector (or at least this one representative) for taking the time to communicate with their customers in such an informal and personal manner. In this age of big business, that's a nice touch - and one that I'm sure a lot of Woodies appreciate.
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