Thursday, February 26, 2009

Plans for Cancelled

The history books will mark today, Thursday 26th February 2009, as possibly one of the saddest in the whole history of television, ever, ever, ever. Infact, I'm emotional writing this; trying to hold back the tears as I face the terrible truth. That ITV has cancelled Demons, its Saturday night answer to Torchwood and Doctor Who.

Oh, I've always been rubbish at keeping a straight race. Sarcasm, begone!

Truthfully, I've never been that big a fan of the show - I watched the opening ten minutes, and thought that was bad enough. I dipped into the series later in its six week long run, and found that things had got even worse than they were before!! The fact it was costing ITV £4 Million, and ratings crashed from 6 to just 3 million meant that it was almost certain that the Cancellation Reaper was cometh.

The slightly better Being Human series has been recommissioned, however. Which I've mixed feelings about, quite honestly. Although last year's pilot was great, the translation to full series hasn't really done it for me, I'm afraid. But the show has it's fans - and will probably grab a good few more when series one is repeated on BBC Two later in the year.

It seems that if you want to watch really fantastic drama these days you have to look beyond the confines of science-fiction and fantasy (although both Lost and Battlestar Galactica are brilliant). May I recommend to you HBO's masterpiece The Wire, or AMC's Mad Men? Hell, with the film adaptation due next month, now's the perfect chance to catch up on Paul Abbott's State of Play.

Can you name any decent telly to bide us over until Children of Earth hits our screens in June? Write your suggestion in the comments section below!
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