Sunday, March 08, 2009

Can I have some Tennant to go?

The rather wonderful SFX Magazine interviews Russell T Davies in its latest issue (#181) and the NuWho supremo reveals that following this Easter's Doctor Who special - "Planet of the Dead" - there won't be a new episode of Doctor Who again until Christmas time, when the final three specials air. Two of those episodes make up David Tennant's finale, and are directed by Euros Lyn - who also helmed 2009's Children of Earth.

Talking to Wired about the swansong of the Tenth Doctor's era, Lyn had this to say: "I've seen the scripts, and they're amazing. I'm being being very careful not to give anything away, but I think fans will be thrilled with David's farewell and how we set up the 11th Doctor. I have to approach the project as I would any other. From the script's perspective. The past or the significance of the episode isn't relevant. You have to start with the script from day one."

Lyn begins the Doctor Who gig the day following the completion of Children of Earth. About that project, Lyn states, ""It's been an endurance test. It was a 16-week shoot for the Torchwood season -- longer than most feature films. But the intensity keeps you focused on the work."

He goes on to discuss parts of the plot (so SPOILERS!) in the rest of's interview.

The BBC's Ashes to Ashes returns in April - so the channel will likely have to wait until that show has completed its run (mid-June) before Torchwood's third season can air (if Torchwood airs on BBC One Monday-Friday one week, at 9pm then there's no way both shows can air at the same time). Either that, or A2A takes a break for a week, which doesn't seem very likely to me...


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