Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Broken PC (Andy)

The bad luck at Torchsong continues. Tom Price looked the wrong way as he was crossing the street and was hit by a bike- not a car- and broke his arm. He stayed through the convention events on Saturday and then had to head home to rest and see his proper doctor.

John has been virtually attending thanks to a live video feed and has been delighting the fans with his trouble-maker charm.

Just a reminder for those of you who are mourning the troubles of Torchsong, a Doctor Who and Torchwood convention called Hurricane Who is going to be hosting Gareth on Halloween weekend. One day passes are going for $20 each until the end of June and a full weekend is only $55. For those who can't quite make it out to some of the pricier conventions, this could be a good solution. Check it out at their website.
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