Friday, June 05, 2009

Get it while it's hot (and cheap!)

Various online retailers have put up Torchwood: Children of Earth (DVD & also Blu-Ray) on their sites, ready for your pre-orders. Amazon has the series available on DVD for £19.99, and for some strange reason has the Blu-Ray at just £17.59 - they have a pre-order guarentee, so if you place an order at this price, they have to go through with the sale (unlike, who last year cancelled thousands of orders for series two after they put it up at £17.99 by mistake...).

Be warned! Amazon will likely increase the price, to £24.99 probably, when they realise the mistake they've made - so you've only got a limited time to put the pre-order in at this price.
The cover for the Blu-Ray can be seen below...

In other news, the latest issue of SFX Magazine (number #184) contains a preview of the series, which includes an interview with writer Russell T Davies. There's also a talk with John Barrowman and Eve Myles. You can pick the magazine up now, for £3.99.

Finally, now that it's been confirmed that Torchwood: Children of Earth will air at some point in July across the UK, US and Australia I think that it makes sense that I bid adieu to this site at the end of that month, once all five episodes have aired. So, July 31st it is (aptly, that's the day that Outpost Gallifrey and Doctor Who Forum close their doors for the last time too...)

Rest assured, the site will live on, through the very brilliant team of writers that it has aquired the services of over the last few months.
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