Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Bit of Cardiff in America

So, dear readers, I have returned out of the ether to add the Yank's view of Torchwood, and I came across a great opportunity for anyone to learn a little bit more about Wales, home to Torchwood, amongst many exciting artisans and craftspeople.

The 2009 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washington, DC is featuring Wales this year as the country being showcased. The annual festival gives visitors a chance to learn all about Wales from attendants chosen by the Welsh Assembly to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the Welsh people.

From organic farmers, to animators, the festival offered much to see and do. I had the good fortune to chat with many there, and one of the more common subjects discussed is that Americans have become more curious to learn about Wales because of the airing of Torchwood here in the United States.

So I wondered, "WWCJD?" (What would Captain Jack do?) Since I was with my family, randomly snogging aliens seemed right out, so I found myself befriending a pint of Cwrw Braf, while enjoying some smoked ham and Y-Fenni. (My new favorite I may add.)

The Folk Life festival is FREE all you need to do is come to Washington DC between now and July 5th and stand physically somewhere between the United States Capitol Building and the Washington Monument to experience a little bit of Wales for yourself. Oh, and while you're there, tell the artisans how much you love Torchwood! (They love to hear that you've been watching, they are proud of their show!)

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