Friday, June 26, 2009

Official Site Updates and Australia's Simulcast

Torchwood's Official Site has been revamped. The previous, spare website that only had a news section and an update section has been replaced with a plethora of new images, videos, and information, as well as the promise of more.

This update also proudly sports the new trailer with the air date, which is a beautiful sight indeed.

The new bio section has quite a few new faces in it as well as the old familiar ones. Be careful reading those if you want to avoid spoilers!

Check it all out here.


Also, Australia's air date is now listed on their official site as July 7-11. This means they're getting it about the same time as the UK due to time changes. So there will be a simulcast, just not one with the US.


With all of this, the count down is on for Torchwood: Children of Earth.

10 days and counting...
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