Friday, June 05, 2009

Torchsong Nearly Silenced

Talk about a sting of bad luck. Word from both John Barrowman and Kai Owen's newsgroups have confirmed that they will be unable to attend the upcoming Torchsong convention happening this weekend in the US. John has suffered a harsh ankle injury and is unable to fly. Kai is unavailable for personal reasons. This is understandably a disappointment to both the actors and the fans that are planning to be in attendance. John is going to try and do a video link with the convention and he is very disappointed that he can't make it. The Torchsong website is currently unavailable, no doubt because they are reformatting it to address the changes that have just come up, but their email addresses are fully functional:

In case anyone attending has a question or concern. I'm currently waiting to hear if they have an official statement on the matter and if they do I'll be sure to post it for you all.

As far as I know, this doesn't affect the remaining list of guest attendees, which includes: Tom Price, Gareth David-Lloyd, Carole Barrowman, Peter Mayhew and Mark Sheppard.

Best wishes to everyone involved.
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