Monday, July 20, 2009

Exciting Day, Huh?

Not only does today happen to be the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings, but we've also been treated to our first glimpse of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, alongside companion Amy Pond (as played by Karen Gillan) as filming begins on Doctor Who's fifth season, to broadcast at some point in 2010.

On top of that, Torchwood: Children of Earth hits BBC America tonight, from 9:00-10:15P and 8:00-9:15C. Running Monday through Friday, the five day event continues the trend established in the UK and Australia earlier in the month.

For fans in Canada, Space begins airing the serial at 10PM ET. The episodes will be available online for 7 days after broadcast. You can catch the Doctor Who Easter Special on Saturday July 25th at 9PM ET on the same channel.

American and Canadian fans who haven't had a chance to watch the adventure yet... you're in for a treat. And well done for avoiding those pesky spoilers!

Leave your comments about Day One in the comments box below.


Amy said...

OMG--Torchwood. Yeah. Amazing!!

J.M. Ferretti said...

Amy, I couldn't agree more. I can't remember a time when a single word ("...back!") has filled me with more foreboding. Seriously, chills up my arms.

I wasn't very successful in avoiding spoilers. Sometimes it wasn't my fault. Moderators shouldn't allow people to use a spoiler as the title of discussion threads! But, that's okay - I'm still psyched to see the show, and how the spoilers I read will play out.

Totally bought into Dr. Rupesh! Too bad, he's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I am watching from the USA and have followed Torchwood from the start and all I can say is WOW

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching "DAY 3" on Space Channel (Canada). The BEST Torchwood series EVER!

Anonymous said...

RTD owes every fan an apology for killing off Ianto. Bring it back for as many series as you like. I'm done with it.

J.M. Ferretti said...

Ianto died in the service of humanity - fighting for something bigger than himself. And, he challenged Jack to be better...just like a certain Doctor did. And, because of that - and Ianto's death - Jack will be better. I love Ianto - his humor, his husky voice, his blue eyes. His death is a true tragedy, and raises the stakes for Jack and Gwen. It sucks, but it does serve the story.

The scene in the Cabinet room left me wreaked. I cried all through the commercial break and into the next scene. Treating children as if they were disposable, as if some were more valuable than others. In the 'extra' after the ep, RTD talked about sending soldiers off to war. Think about the young people that usually fight those wars, who enlists. Everyone is focused on Ianto's death, and if he was killed off because he was gay. They're missing the truly controversial point that RTD is making here - we treat our poor and disadvantaged as 'less than', and that's a sin.

Kurly said...

I for one am glad we have a clean slate now and will have a whole new crew. The main reason I didn't like Torchwood S1 & S2 was the immaturity of the staff and all the ridiculous affairs. For S4 maybe Jack can bring in some professionals for those important jobs and he won't get involved with them. (wishful thinking)

Torchwood is all the rage all of a sudden in the US. COE is BBCAmerica's highest rated series ever. Normal people (meaning non-Woodies or WHO-Fans) are chatting about it around the water coolers at work. Articles popping up in all the local papers.

So looks like I jumped off this ship too soon. COE is the show I had always been hoping for from the beginning.

Amy said...

I can't believe Ianto is gone. My boyfriend is now watching the early Torchwood shows to catch up, but since he came in last night on Day 3/4, he doesn't quite get the whole thing yet. But he LOOOOVES Torchwood.

RTD made a good point, we do treat poor and disadvantaged as less than--many "important" people have come from very meager circumstances, i.e., Sarah Jessica Parker and TV chef Sandra Lee (Semi-Homemade.) But in Britain I'm sure it's even worse than the US.

This evening's the last episode, and I've got to wait until September until the DVD arrives! (That's what Amazon sez.) There are some very nasty comments on the BBC America forum about Gwen being "the breeder," but I think Gwen does indeed need to take it easy for a while! I hope that there is a season 4, and I'm willing to wait for it.

Good show!!


J.M. Ferretti said...

Question for the British & Australian woodies - when do I stop feeling like shit??? I am absolutely gutted...

Anonymous said...

That's it...epsiode Five done in Canada. And me with it. The best Torchwood series, and some of the best television, I've ever seen. Bar none.

Anonymous said...

Might take a while to not feel gutted - two weeks on and I still can't watch CoE again yet - UK based Woodie

Dan said...


Could you link my website?

It's for the actor who played Steven. Thanks.

Joe said...

I recorded the five days and just saw them. I'm so pissed! I want to know more! Where did Jack go? Will Gwen carry on Torchwood without Jack?

So many questions!

I love the show. Have for awhile I'm a huge Doctor Who and Torchwood fan and I want to see more!

gg said...