Saturday, July 11, 2009

Parting of the Ways

Children of Earth 'survivors' John Barrowman and Eve Myles are moving away from Torchwood for the time being (?) to head up a couple of individual projects.

Firstly, Eve Myles will be appearing alongside Trevor Eve in a new BBC One drama commission, titled Framed. According to DigitalSpy, "the programme, adapted from Frank Cottrell Boyce's best-selling children's novel, sees a secretive convoy of men invade a Welsh village." It's expected to air this Winter on the BBC.

Also coming up, John Barrowman will be travelling across the globe as part of this year's Children in Need extravaganza Around the World in 80 Days. Various celebrities will be paired up, and travel segments of the world together. John's partner is the ever lovely (if boring...) Myleene Klass. Other celebs taking part include Lee Mack and Frank "I'm funny me, honest" Skinner. ETA - October/November.


5.8 million viewers (26.7% of the available audience) saw the last part of the Children of Earth serial on BBC One last night, making it the 4th most watched programme of the day.

We'll have a full ratings round-up in a couple of weeks when the full data breakdown is released.

In the meantime you can catch Torchwood: Children of Earth on DVD and Blu-Ray from Monday at all good entertainment outlets.

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Anonymous said...

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Sibylle said...

The title is a reference to Harry Potter! Wonderful, thanks for brightening up my day.

Anonymous said...

why did they just say that before Children of Earth? NOW all hope is gone!

is the title a HP reference? I though tit was like the DW season 1 finale?

Casey said...

This was probably the saddest ending I've ever seen, much worse for me than the series 4 of Doctor Who.

What now? where is it going. is it going to continue.

I very much hope that it has not ended and that Jack comes back.

Sibylle said...

Lauren> I guess it's about Who, then, you're right. I don't watch Dr Who (one of the few people who can't stand Who but loves Torchwood). I guess that's the beauty of references, it can mean anything :p
I don't think Eve starring in another drama has any impact on Torchwood - if there is a fourth season, it's likely to be broadcast next year, not this winter. Same goes for Barrowman.

Anonymous said...

kind of left a downer really, I really hoped that there was some way they would leave it open for another series, but the way the last episode went, theres just no way! shame!


Casey said...

My hope is after Eve and Kia have this baby they will both go in to try and rebuild. I mean I am sure they can get those unit spec-ops people in to rebuild the hub.

they just can't end it.

Entropolis said...

I'm not sure if i should be smoking a cigarette, or crying hysterically while balled up in the corner...Either way,the writers have left me with a head full of grog and my knickers about my ankles, figuratively speaking. When i'd first heard of torchwood, i thought it would get lost wandering beyond the safety of the little blue box. And it almost did. More than one episode tried to imitate all of the fun campyness, but lacked the quirky wit of a gallifreyan vagabond to balance it out. ...then, about halfway into season one, the cast, writers, and directors found their stride. This was to be about the messes that the doctor leaves behind, and the ones he never saw. ...Beyond the confines of the police box apperantly, there's a universe that only smiles through it's tears. A universe that might be a tad close to our flats. One where desire is muddled, love is unrequited, and the best solutions available is a slapshod patch.
So, almost seemingly against my will, i've been drawn in. Spent some two odd years now getting cozy with these half mad people, led by one immortal to clean up after another immortals messy fallout. I admit. I've become a fan. I like the more adult storylines, getting to peek through the TARDIS's keyhole and into the bedroom antics of the people beyond it. Seeing that in fact humans are not as nearly as helpless as the doctor would lead you to think!
That all being said...The finale of season two was like someone stealing my car while i was napping in the back seat. This five part miniseries akin to being kicked in the gut while someone shoots your brother. We'd always expected it to end this way, but not this soon. ...Perhaps akin to finding out in act two who the killer was in would throw off a murder mystery novel. Perhaps they will surprise me again, and leap out of the plot corner they've painted in...We will have to see! But i have to say, i WILL miss Ianto. Out of all the characters, he was the most like any of us, and i think that without his humanity to redeem them(especially jack) that the rest will be cast adrift, gradually fading off into the distance beyond even the reach of mighty Rassilon himself.

We shall see.

holly ford said...

i cnat believe the ending ,jack has to come back to earth ,i read on a site that russle t davies sed that torchwood series 4 is ready to go so jack has to come back to earth .torchwood can build a new hub in the same place and they can recrute new members like martha ,lois and micky

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the reviews, adding to them, crying, praising, feeling gutted, and being impressed. I joined a listserve that was developing a petition to bring back Ianto. I even started a fanfic with how he could come back.

But I just came to the realization after calming down that it doesn?t matter that I found the relationship between Jack and Ianto compelling, that I loved the characters just the way they were, that I would have loved to see one more season of the three of them fighting alien threats. Really, when you break it down, this is just a job for these actors. Gareth has to love how he went out on this one because of the world-wide attention he and the character he portrayed is getting. He ended on an extremely high note and how many people can say that in their career. This has got to be a highlight. And although I think he and John and Eve were very good friends and from all indications got together even off camera. And no matter how much Russell liked him and his acting abilities. And no matter how many viewers loved the Ianto character. Leaving the show this way has got to be a huge boost for his career and I hope he is able to capitalize on it. As I hope the other actors do as well. John is well established and doesn?t show any signs of stopping. Eve sounds like she has her hands full for right now. So I'm really, really happy for all of them. I will continue to watch for anything that Gareth, John, or Eve do in the future.

I'm going to finish my fiction, but I have little hope that it or any other version of resurrection will occur. Torchwood may go on. I think John is interested and from some comments from Russell, I think he is interested in as well. But when will that happen; that's anybody's guess. I'm looking forward to the new Doctor Who which may advance the Jack Harkness character further along from when we last saw him. But, deep breath, all is good. I have enjoyed Torchwood so much over the past few years. Thank you to this message board, to the actors, to Russell. It's all good. I just wanted to say this here in this post about the future of Torchwood.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, Why,Why did it have to end like this?,come back soon Captian Jack I miss you so much,anything is possible in Torchwood,Please bring back the same cast if they want to?You are all fab and still have so much to give Torchwood and visa,versa.I need Torchwood like I need my food,so come on BBC get it together bring them BACK,BACK.BACK

Jamie Jeffords said...

Is Torchwood Pro-American?

Anonymous said...

Torchwood Series 4 begins filming next March 2010,,,

bbc insider

Anonymous said...

More Torchwood - after this ? Joke !!

This was not drama, it was melodrama victorian special. Kill Kill Kill. Sensation Sensation Sensation. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish.

Drama develops and involves and does not involve killing everything off - at least until the absolutely final final episode.

Anonymous said...