Sunday, July 26, 2009

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In the meantime, can I bring to your attention the efforts of one group of fans who were so unhappy with the conclusion to Children of Earth (SPOILERS for anybody who hasn't seen it yet) that they've decided to start a petition of sorts to bring Gareth David-Lloyd and his now deceased character Ianto Jones back onto the show for the proposed series four.

So far their fundraising has helped raise over £3,000 for the BBC's Children in Need. A massive congratulations to them and their efforts thus far.

Want to save Ianto Jones? Clicky clicky here.

UPDATE: A press release from the organisers of the petition:



Fans around the world cried out in grief and frustration when Ianto Jones, a major Torchwood character, met an untimely and unexpected demise. Those who were shocked by the popular character’s death in last week’s Children of Earth season three mini-series on BBC1 are not taking it lightly or quietly. The movement to save Ianto Jones began mere moments after he died, thanks to networking communities such as LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign is everywhere, it seems. The website had over 18,000 hits at the time of this writing. There is a movement to send coffee to the BBC offices in Wales, following in the footsteps of successful fan campaigns such as peanuts for Jericho, pencils for the US writer’s strike, and Nerds for Chuck. A LiveJournal community set up to coordinate activities can be found at, Twitter hashtags include #saveiantojones and #bringbackianto, and Facebook groups are too numerous to list.

It’s not all new media, though. Fans are being urged to send postcards and letters to Russell T Davies, creator of the series, and to the BBC. A number of letters suggest a means of enabling Ianto's return – Torchwood is science fiction, after all.

However, it is important to note that this is not just a campaign to reinstate a popular character on a television show. This is a campaign with a heart and the desire to do good, so at fans are donating to Children in Need in the name of Ianto Jones. They are also using the campaign as a platform to communicate to Gareth David-Lloyd, in the most public way possible, just how much he and his character are loved and admired.

And it’s only just getting started. Children of Earth garnered huge ratings for BBC1 when it aired in the UK. BBC America counts Torchwood as one of the highest-rated shows in its history and will air the mini-series over five nights from July 20, 2009. The power of the internet means that some overseas fans have already heard about Ianto Jones’ death, but there are still many more that have yet to be shocked by the news. It is only to be expected that more fans will join this ground-swell of public protest, although it remains to be seen how the BBC will react to the campaign.

One thing, however, is certain. The fans do not intend to let Ianto Jones go quietly into that good night. They are not going to give up a favourite character without a fight.

For more information, contact Carey-Anne Shiel: -- + 44 (0) 7749 770 147 --


Updates to follow throughout the week, which happens to be my last as a contributor to this lil' old site. Sob!
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