Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beautiful Rumors

According to numerous fan postings around the internet, John Barrowman has said that Torchwood series four is on the way with a full 13 episode season! The actor, who plays Captain Jack, insisted it'll be bigger and better than ever. The good news came out this weekend at Collectormania and was reiterated by Kai Owen's official web group shortly thereafter. Other speculations say that production is slated to begin some time in January. The BBC has not made any official statements on the matter at this time, but in the past they've been the last ones to share the good (or bad) news anyway.

Times are looking good for us Woodies. So I wonder what you readers would love to see in series four. What is top on your Torchwood Christmas wish list?


Dani said...

I just hope Jack will play a big role and not someone who just pops in and out once in a while.
Don't like the idea of a "Gwenwood".
And of course, bring back Ianto!

infogenium said...

Agree with Dani, a resounding no to a "Gwenwood" but please no lazuras treatment for Ianto. They were just meh - give Cap'n Jack a darker, grittier more adversarial love interest and I don't care if it is male or female just someone with more oooomph (Ianto was very sweet but oh so wet).

Cate said...

Frankly, unless Ianto Jones returns, I don't care and won't be watching it at all.

Children of Earth sucked all the joy out of the show for me.

HMK said...

Less Super!angst. Torchwood always dealt with the dark side of things but COE was like unrelenting torment with an unhappy, semi-hopeless ending. Bring back some of the light.
Also, I would love to see Ianto back and please not a bunch of Gwen baby stuff.

SimsKatie said...

I would like to have Ianto back. In addition, I'd like to have the show return to something like seasons 1 and 2, where we were allowed at least the suggestion that Hope exists in this world.

W said...

First and foremost, I want to see Ianto come back. I don't care if it happens magically and everyone forgets the 456 like the Year That Never Was in Doctor Who or if it's something more mysterious like Rose's return in series four of Doctor Who, but if there aren't early indications that he is returning and we don't see his face by the third episode, I'm done.

Also, the first time Gwen's baby makes an appearance with a gun, and alien, any kind of otherworldly tech, or Jack, I'm turning the TV off. I watch Torchwood to escape domestic bliss.

I'd love to see more of Cush Jumbo (Lois), but since Ianto is coming back ;), I don't know what they would have for her to do. Maybe she could take over the tourist office to free him up for more field work and weevil hunting with Jack.

It would be nice to see Gwen exhibit more of the high level of competence she magically obtained in CoE. I'd also like to see Rhys take a more active role in Torchwood. Maybe then Gwen would stop treating him like a child.

Melanie said...

Ianto! That's all. As long as Ianto's back, I'm a happy fangirl.

Sinead said...

I agree with W, totally.

Adding on, though...
There was so much about season three that put me off, and unless some (or preferably all) of those issues are rectified in a new season, I won't be watching. Lucky for me, living in Australia means I won't see a new season until after it has aired in the UK. So if it isn't up to scratch, I won't have to waste my time ;)

More than anything, I would like Ianto back. I know people saying this probably gets old, but from episode one, season one, I have adored this character. My other faves were Owen and Tosh. Without them, it was hard to be enthusiastic. Without Ianto either, there is little to no appeal left for me.

I would also like to see Kai Owen have more screen time. Rhys is probably the only character left whom I'm interested in.

Whatever happens, I simply hope a possible season four goes back to the old, enjoyable formula of seasons one and two. That's the Torchwood I know and love.

Emily said...

What I would like from series four is simple: Torchwood.

Children of Earth, whatever your opinion of it's quality, was not Torchwood. I should hope we can all agree about that. It removed all the familiar elements of Torchwood, the SUV, the rift, the hub, weevils, Jack even turned down sex in it.

The character were out of character, especial Jack, who has many times demonstrated that he cares for Ianto, as is easily apparent in the episodes Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang Fragments and Exit Wounds,and also the Dead Line radio play. However in COE, he was nothing but mean uncaring towards Inato, who was nothing but sportive towards him. Even after the revelation that had killed children.

Ianto's death was, for me, a major travesty. He was such a vibrant, intriguing character, with so much depth that we never really got to see explored. I felt the same way about Tosh and Owen's deaths but at least they died in a way that served the plot. In a way which let them go out fighting, as it were. Ianto's death was quiet, and in my mind pointless. It did not heighten the drama for me, rather it upset me, and made me no longer want to watch.

Also, I would very much appreciate it if we did not get 'Gwenwood' like some have implied we will. COE focused too much around Gwen, who I do like. I just don't like having her shoved down my throat as awesome constantly. The writers seem to try too hard to make her the one the audience relates too, rather than letting those watching choose who they would like to relate to.

COE was a huge downer, too, as others have said. Really, there was no happiness in it at all. No hope. Who wants to watch a show that is so bleak? Not me, at least, not when I'm expecting Torchwood, the fun, campy sci-fi joyride that I love.

So, In series four I would like the following: I want it to be fun again, and feel like Torchwood as we know it. I want it to have all the things that make it Torchwood in it, and not be some unrecognizable political drama set in London. I want Jack in character and Ianto back in action. I want less insistence that we must love Gwen, that she is the heart of Torchwood, that she is great, etc.

I also would not mind more of John Hart, as he's the best.

Kate said...

I'm not interested unless Ianto Jones is back, and back in his relationship with Jack. The show was perfect before COE, there were hundreds of different directions they could have gone, and they went with the worst one possible. So go back and get it right, people!

Mayra said...

Ianto, Ianto, Ianto. Really that's all I would want (but only if that's what Gareth wants). But if I can ask for more then I'd say going back to 13 episodes, a happy Jack (CoE made me hurt for him), LESS Gwen/MORE Rhys, John Hart (maybe helping Jack get Ianto back, doesn't his vortex manipulator still work?) and Torchwood 4 (Possibly Ianto could have worked for them all along?)

mayra said...

...I'd also love the SUV (along with Jack's coat the only inanimate objects I find HOT) , Myfanwy, and Janet to come back.

Chrys said...

Really don't care unless Ianto is back. There are so many ways they could do that, within canon context. The one that springs first to mind is John Hart and nanogenes. But truly, won't watch it unless they fix what went wrong in CoE. I want Torchwood - not the travesty that CoE left of the show.

totally4ryo said...

I'm not excited over the prospect of "Gwenwood" even if Jack is in it. So unless they bring Ianto back (and undo CoE, which was so out of look with previous Torchwood and the Whoniverse), I really couldn't care about a S4, because I won't be watching it.
No Ianto = No Torchwood.

That's MIZZ Gypsy To You! said...

I realize that what so many of us want is never going to happen. (Ianto isn't coming back, the Hub is gone, Myfanway is gone, sigh!) But if the show goes on without dealing with these issues (by, I suspect, operating on the assumption that Time Has Passed) I will become bored. I want Jack to return and acknowledge that he mourned Ianto as his lover, not just as a Torchwood operative that died in the line of duty. I want to see Gwen in charge to the extent that when Jack comes back he knows he isn't the boss anymore.

I would be briefly disappointed if we got a "Dallas" like "It was all a bad dream" opening, but I'd get over it. CoE was awesome but, as Emily said, it wasn't "Torchwood."

othello said...

Unless Ianto comes back I'm simply not interested in even giving it chance, there is honestly nothing left of the Torchwood that I loved and having him back is the bare minimum to get me to tune in to see where they are going. To be honest I'd rather reset Children of Earth altogether and get back the Hub, the SUV, Myfanwy and all the other trappings of our favourite alien fighting institute.

After killing Tosh, Owen and Ianto in quick succession they have set the "rules" as everyone are red shirts except Jack who can't die and Gwen whom everyone now knows they will not only not kill but will not even harm or upset anyway, she is The Amazing Teflon Women, floating through death and destruction immaculate and unharmed. Bleh. Why should we become invested in any new characters when we've been taught that they are merely canon fodder (and no, that's not a spelling error) for the next cheap shock the writers need to get them out of a plot hole?

I'd honestly prefer to have Chris Chibnall back as head writer/showrunner too or someone else altogether. I think RTD has run out of ideas beyond wholesale destruction and he'd be better off staying in the US where something new might inspire him to originality again.

jenny said...

I agree with the others, COE was not Torchwood - if I want dark, depressing, gritty political drama I'll go watch Spooks or any number of the good dramas/cop shows on TV. What I'd love from S4 is my fun, slightly camp but most of all hopeful Torchwood back - complete with Ianto Jones.

I have no interest in trying to get invested in new redshirt characters only to see them get killed off over and over and I certainly have no interest in Gwenwood or "Gwens baby in peril" type stories. Babies and sci fi really don't mix (see Angel and The Mummy Returns for details...)

As much as I love John Barrowman I'm sorry mate, I will not be returning for S4 just for you. After COE I really have no interest in seeing Captain Jack again; he went from Hero to Zero for me.

Anonymous said...

What I want, and what I'm 100 per cent sure will happen, is for RTD and whoever he gets to work on it with him, to do exactly what he wants with Torchwood, and not listen to any of us, quite frankly. Because that way, he'll come up with something utterly amazing, just as he did with each of the three series past. Trust him. He knows what he's doing.

Alex said...

Guess I'll have to disagree with most of you then. I thought Children of Earth was exactly what Torchwood should have been all along. Sure I liked the previous seasons but they did have extremely tacky moments. I never cared much for Ianto personally. In fact I found him a tad creepy at times and I didn't like him with Jack (who just seemed more fun when he's not attached to anyone in particular). So no I don't miss him. I do miss Owen and Tosh but I wouldn't want them to come back either. It's too much of a sci fi cliche to bring people back from the dead to the point death stops meaning anything. My favorite character has always been Gwen anyways. She pretty much is Torchwood to me. Don't know how it's going to work with the baby and nearly all the team gone but I'm certainly keen on seeing it try.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me that a lot of people were not watching Torchwood, they were watching Iantowood!

Ianto cannot come back = he's DEAD!

"Children of Earth" was TRUE Torchwood: a deep and troubling story, superbly acted by all and uniquely well written.

I do, however, agree with people who say they do not want to see Gwenwood with Baby-Bliss! That's not what Torchwood was invented for! Torchwood is for ADULTS - so deal with it!


Manuel said...

CoE was simply amazing...Torchwood as it should have been all along.

Can't understand why some people want Ianto back.. he's dead. A naff resurrection would seem so contrived. It was very sad...but it happened. Can't wait to meet new characters now....

Jamie Jeffords said...

I am surprised by the backlash at Children of Earth. Not only did i think it was great, I have hopes its scope is a sign of things to come. up until CoE, Torchwood's was a lack of big adventure.

As for Ianto, leave him dead. I liked him, too, but it is been there, done that with Owen. Think of it as a chance for Jack to have some character growth since he lost Ianto.

Anonymous said...

After the resurrection of Rhys, Owen, Suzie and I not going to talk about Doctor Who, if Ianto stay dead I not give a go. COE destroy the Show I love and I am not interest at all about mummy Gwen Cooper. The Torchwood is ready, in COE there are ready to be kick off. Jack who kill his grandson and can't think of a plan to fight the 456, simply boring. Ianto and Jack was cool together and was a great reason for me to watch, now one of them is dead and the other simply don't know what to do.

This story have many plot holes like sniper who can't shoot, a bomb in Jack stomatch and he sense nothing (??), people who take the SUV, Serioulsy. A 456 who teleport itself in Earth but can't teleport the children and the list is long.

COE not impress me and kill my passion for this show.

Best wish for Torchwood in the Future but me I stop right there.

artistwife said...

Okay here is what I would like. Jack would get a new male lover. Someone with whom he would be on an equal footing. Someone who is strong and dark and mysterious as he is. Gwen would spin off into another show. And Cush Jumbo would replace Ianto as the archivist and secretary. That Jack would be in every episode being heroic and saving the world from real alien threat. Andy would be back maybe he would replace Gwen when she spins off into her own show. Rhys could be the clean up guy that cooks the meals and takes care of them. Replace Tosh with someone who is as smart as she with Tech stuff.

Pili said...

I didnt like CoE a lot. I guess it was okay, but it didnt feel TW for me. I wanted a whole season, 13 episodes and not a mini serie with 5 episodes, some out of characters actions and words.
I liked Ianto and Jack together. I wanted to see how his relationship was developing, i wanted to see them facing some aspects like commitment or facing danger together...and yeah, i was upset to see Ianto´s death. I was upset also to see how he died, but thats another story. Anyway, after these months, i dont feel excited about a new season. I dont want to see jack alone with Gwen (my less favourite character, omg and i loved Toshiko!). Im not sure i´ll be back for a new season without Ianto.

tilda mauskewitz said...

Everything that I loved in the first two seasons was erased in COE.
COE targeted to a completely different, mainstream and straight audience.
It seems to me that they want to degay the team and erase their essentially identities.
Jack and Ianto are kept at a distance. Even some very offending sequences are brought in, like you could smell that Ianto is gay.
It kills of any charm, truth and educational character the series had before.
Mr Davis himself exactly name in an interview why I grieve so much. There was enormous potential, but exactly that potential was what draws me in and is all gone now.
Why did they kill their own show, I don’t understand this. For a stand alone it would have been an interesting plot,even with a lot of plotholes, but how can I start from the end of COE to a Season 4?
My heard is broken with Iantos death and the destruction of Jack.
In life I have enough drama myself, in fiction I seek for hope.
We deal here with SF and anything is possible.


Kirri said...

No Ianto, no Torchwood, simple as that.
I do like JB but I have NO interest in this show going ahead without the return of Ianto Jones, and shall not watch the show without him.

Kirri said...

As to it being interesting as a stand, I think it was rubbish as anything, really.
Watch "Paradox" BBC1 Tuesdays, for a show that demonstrates how CoE could have been done, with decent writers and a good plotline.
CoE was second rate, Sci Fi SOAP, RTD would not know good drama if it jumped up and bit him on the bum.

Anonymous said...

Everything I loved about Torchwood is gone, they can't fix it and I would rather not see anything further from the crackpots in charge.

Emily said...

I must, I feel, speak out again, to further justify my statement that COE was not Torchwood.

At it's best it was a love letter to Quartermass, and at it's worst a blatant knock off. Any who claim that it was 'original' or 'unique' need only watch Quartermass to see that it is not.

Even the aspect of the children being controlled by aliens felt recycled to me from the Christmas Invasion episode of Doctor Who, in which aliens controlled all individuals of a certain blood type.

The plot holes were monstrous, you could drive a bus through most of them. Or rather, an SUV. Granted, Torchwood has always had plot holes (see Adam fro the worst example ever, i.e. Rhys saw Adam too, but his memory remained
intact)but COE claimed to be something greater than previous Torchwood. It acted very superior, yet was not! It was, if anything inferior, with plot holes like nothing we've ever seen before!

The 456 can control children, yes? And they can transport people and themselves in beams of light, yes? Now, what stopped them from simply walking all the children they wanted into a field somewhere, then taking them, hmm?

Nothing, is the correct answer.

Ten points to you if you guessed it.

This sense of 'We're writing something better than Torchwood, but we aren't going to do a good job with it' was most annoying.

Also, as far as Russel T. Davies doing a 'good job' writing the first two seasons, look it up. He wrote only the episode 'Everything Changes' then is listed as the producer for everything else until Children Of Earth. Everything Changes was not a very good episode, in my opinion, and I don't find RTD to be a very good writer. Most of the Doctor Who he wrote himself I find lacking, and Children of Earth. Certainly he had no part in some of the greatest Torchwood

So no, I do not believe he will write us out of the corner he's backed Torchwood into.

My next wish for series four is that he not be as involved with it.
This is imposable, but hey. I can dream.

And save Ianto Jones.

Anonymous said...

What I want from S4?


That's all I need.....

Yukisa said...

How about the "real" Torchwood?

Just the feeling I felt so in love with in the first two seasons....

The whole Team would be heaven, but Ianto alone would be a start... And maybe Myfanwy and Janet.

I hope they don't do Gwenwood with a lot of Baby-stuff. That would be aweful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come on people - if Ianto is raised from the dead that means that there are no boundries of reality left in the show, and that's something that's essential to sci-fi. A key element to Torchwood's appeal is that the characters are human - and in such a dangerous environment they'e likely to die tragically young.

I'm not sure if the show will recover the loss of Ianto - but it'll be far worse for it if he's ressurected (especially as, if that does happen in season 4, we'll know it's the writer's backpedalling).

Anonymous said...

Bring back Ianto.

Rhys was bring back to life and that not CHANGE ANYTHING of the story.

Bring back the Coffee Boy.
The show going to be better with Ianto.

Anonymous said...

yes but bringing rhy's back was the entire point of him dying! - it was the key factor that pushed the TW team into going against their leader, and half destroying the world out of love for the people they'd lost - which is again, a poweful portrayal of their humanity.

Ianto died because the story was too big and the threat too collosal for them all to pull through. I was desperate for him to survive as well, as it seems so many others did - but surely that made the scenes so much more powerful and devestating to watch, which to me is what good drama's all about.

Teri said...

I am a new Torchwood fan.
The first shows I watched were CoE. I LOVED them! Yes, it was dark and sad, but I couldn't stop watching.
I then bought the first 2 series on itunes, OMG, I love the characters, some shows I liked more than others of course. I cried when Owen and Tosh died, I was sadder the second time I watched Ianto die because I knew him better, I would have loved to know more about his background.
But, I still want to see Jack and watch the process he has to go through after the people he cares are gone from his life. Jack's character can still change and grow, don't we owe him that.
Gwen and Rhys will never look at the world the way they used to, but they have been given hope for the future (we call it a child).
I am willing to give series 4 a chance. So far, it's been worth it!

Joey said...

Really don't care. The only thing I ask is the return of Ianto Jones.
No Ianto, I simply watch others shows.


Marg said...

Torchwood died with CoE. A series four will not be Torchwood, it will be something completely different with a brand new cast of characters. As the precedent has now been set that 'everyone' dies young in this series - apart from the immortal and the specially protected - I have no interest at all in investing my emotion in characters who are destined to die by the end of the series. I equally have no interest in watching Gwen, Rhys and the baby fight aliens or in seeing Jack's return, his character was so thoroughly destroyed in CoE I no longer care whether he succeeds in finding 'redemption' or not. And I resent that, because up to CoE I loved Torchwood and all it represented.

Find a way to fix what has been broken and I will come back to watch it, but I fear it will take a far better writer than Mr Davies to do that.

bedawyn said...

I want to see a reboot/reset of the whole 'verse, starting at least when Ten "dethroned" Harriet if not sooner, so that we can see what Torchwood would have been like if circumstances had been different. Bring Tosh, Owen, and Ianto all back and let us watch them play things out again in a different timeline.

Anonymous said...

COE ruined Torchwood for me.
I don't want to invest any more of my time getting to know characters that will just be killed off. I know some will have to be sacrificed because it is a dangerous job, but we have lost 3 team members in a short amount of time.
Torchwood for me ends at the end of Series 2. I am all for a 4th series for those who enjoyed COE, but I will not be watching it.

Lu said...

Before I read all the other comments I would have said "Ianto Jones". Now? I'm not so sure. Really, as long as they don't try to shove Gwen and her otherworldly happiness down my throat all the time I will be alright.

I am still on the fence on what to think about CoE so I won't go into it now. But I agree with others who said that the first 2 seasons were much more fun to watch. On the other hand: CoE was the first time I actually liked Gwen. Well, until about the middle of episode 4, that is, when she started to become annoying again.

So, give me competent!CoE!Ep1to3!Gwen, more Rhys, maybe a bit more John Hart (though please, stop him from kissing Jack, it's not pleasant) and Jack DEALING WITH CONSEQUENCES and I will probably be okay. Not happy (because I loved Ianto) but okay.

Anonymous said...

I loved Ianto; there's a shrine to him on my wall (seriously), but I'd rather he stay dead. People die. It's just the way of it. It was sad. I cried. Move on. That's how it should be. Bringing people back from the dead is just manipulative storytelling, and what for? They'll have to die all over again.

13 episodes would be great, if that's the case. I loved Season 1 of Torchwood the most, and thought Season 2 was pretty good (though I thought Jack's brother's storyline was lame - and the use of Weevils became annoying), and though I thought 'Children of Earth' was fantastic (and completely in character), I think another mini-series would be a mistake at this point. I'd rather have the 13 episodes.

I guess I just want the opposite of what most people here seem to want, and that's ok. I want Ianto to stay dead. If he came back I wouldn't stop watching the show, but it would lower my score for CoE and the show in general would lose some of the respect that it's earned; it would lose the edge that made me fall in love with it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Ianto Jones, nothing more. COE destroy everything I love and I really dislike how Ianto was. So bring back Ianto for I can watch again the show I love in the past.

Anonymous said...

i haven't read all of the posts here, read about the first 5 but i don’t get why people are saying they wasn’t to return to series 1 and two style. there’s no way that this will happen because the hub has been destroyed three of the characters are dead and the viewing figures for children of earth were amazing. i think/hope that the 13 part series will be split in to groups of 2-3 episodes each with their own ark and then a series finale that will tie it all together. i feel that Children of Earth showed that torchwood works better being told as a big story over a few episodes and if they keep up the quality of writing for the 13 part series, series 4 will be the best yet. Don’t get me wrong i loved series 1 and 2 but Children of Earth took it to the next level.


Anonymous said...

A new style and base but recognizably Torchwood. Either Martha and Mickey or two/three new interesting characters. Nothing bad happening to the baby. No resurrection of the dead teammates, but flashback appearances if it makes sense. A good reason for Jack to come out of the emotional state we last saw him in.

Carl said...

Ianto is back. Jack is not a loser. The Torchwood Team is competent. Something really bad happen to Gwen Cooper.

Yeah I can dream but no Ianto, I not take a look at season 4.

Savage2003 said...

What I want?

Ianto back
More Andy
No Gwenwood

Mayra said...

I went through a roller coaster of emotions with CoE. I loved it, then I hated it. Now I've gone back to loving it again. Yes they killed Ianto (and I hate them for that) but they can bring him back. Yes it's been done and ruined other shows, but I think the TW writers can do it right. I'm not saying resurrect him and have him get back w/Jack like nothing ever happened. Bring some issues into the relationship (acknowledge it as a proper relationship).

Also agree, no Gwen/baby plot lines.

Was I the only one who felt some sympathy for Jack? CoE really opened my eyes to all the things that he's had to endure in all the years he's lived. How lonely he is and how lonely his life will be. If anything I gained more respect for Jack.

Initially I wasn't going to give S4 a chance w/out Ianto, but I will now (with the hope of his return). I'll turn it off the minute it looks like every episode will center around Gwen and the baby. Or if Jack starts up with a new guy (I can't see him w/a women any more) by episode 2. If Ianto is staying dead, I don't want to see Jack w/anyone else until S5.

Mayra said...

Heard JB confirmed Series 4. Yay!!!

Charlotte said...

It won't be the same with Ianto. Bring him back, along with Jack, or Torchwood series four will be a weak, depressing echo of a once great show.

Cathy said...

Ianto. nothing less will do.

Melissa said...

What we need is a time reset! I want Ianto back, first and foremost. It would be nice to have the Hub and so on back, but I could live without all that. The one thing I can't live/watch with out. Ianto Jones.

CARLA said...

It was a Shock the death of Ianto Jones but I think him coming back would be a deja vu...

Miss him and Owen too but they are gone. But I think RTD will need alot of good ideas to turn the show around. Let's hope and can't wait to watch series 4.

I'm a Woodie 4EVER

Anonymous said...

what do i want?

TW to start visiting other torchwood bases, hinted at in DW, TW plus radio series (they are out there, they have people working there...)

No return of Ianto (tho the xmas DW may have something going on there) much as i miss him - so cute!

No gwenwood, but keep her in her current status within the team, and sally sparrow to join!!

I can but dream...

Anonymous said...

Ianto Jones. Don't care how, all I want is Ianto.

Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Enough ranting about Ianto already - he's not coming back. He's only one character - one aspect of Torchwood that made it great. As enjoyable as he was to watch, there's so much more to the show than Ianto's dry wit and fine suits. And no true Woodie would give up on the show before even giving series 4 a chance!

Ok, what i want to see from TW 4:

- Some NEW chacters (not ones borrowed from Doctor Who as was the plan last series) - Lois seems an obvious choice?
- Keep up with Jack's darker, more vulnerable side - by the end of series 2 he'd become too superhuman and heroic for me.
- Another historical-ish episode like "Captain Jack".
- Stop putting the female characters in heels! It's so unrealistic for that kind of job.

Anonymous said...

What I want?

Ianto is back. Maybe a bad Ianto would be good for the beginning and after he's the real Ianto.

Jack, Jack we know. Not the loser in COE.

No more Gwen. At least 10% of screen time for her.

Rhys is funny.

Maybe Lois for a few episode.

But it's sure no Ianto, no season 4for me. If Torchwood is now death stay death and Torchwood is not ready, I don't care at all for this show.

As for the dark Jack, if I want to see a dark immortal, there is Highlander show I can watch.

Die hard TW fan said...

Hell yeah! can't wait for S4. But all the people saying that they won't watch cos of no ianto to be honest is a tad pathetic. RTD is not gonna bring him back just cos fans are a bit angry! I think RTD will do a great job with S4 probably because he won't listen to the fans. Iantos character was great don't get me wrong but I would be pretty miffed with RTD if he brought him back. It would make TW look a bit rubbishy and in the same league as other crappy sci-fi shows. I hope the new TW will introduce nearly an eintire new team (apart from gwen jack)which I think will help the show considerably!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care without the Coffee Boy

Ianto Jones return, nothing more.
Sorry to sound pathetic for you Die hard TW Fan.

Die hard TW fan said...

Then why do you visit this site then if you have no longer any interest in TW!

Anonymous said...

Why you are here everyday to read the comments and when you see someone post the name Ianto Jones you post a comment to say they are pathetic etc?

I here to post a comment. I read what do you want, I post what I want. If season 4 is a Gwenwood or no Ianto, no I not going to watch Torchwood anymore and visit TW site. I think it's pretty clear to understand Mr/Miss Die Hard TW Fan.

IDTardis said...


Die hard TW fan said...

The clue is in my name why I come to this site often =)

richardwatts said...

What do I want from Torchwood s.4?

No Ianto (except just possibly in flashback). Dead is dead. Ditto Tosh & Owen.

The Hub rebuilt - we've already had a hint of this, ie Gwen found Jack's Time Agency wrist strap in the wreckage, which suggests they rebuild it.

Further exploration of the history of Torchwood, ie the days of Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd, etc.

More aliens, but also more castaways from the past or future - it is a rift in time, as well as space, after all.

A new male lover for Jack, but lots of sexual tension and flirting in the lead-up to their consumating the relationship. And not Captain John Hart, please - I found the character rather two dimensional. I do like the earlier suggestions of making such a character dark, dangerous and semi-equal to Jack, however.

Whatever else RTD wants to give us. I trust him, and love the ride he takes us on.

Anonymous said...

Ianto Jones is back.

another writer.

Jack the hero.

No Gwenwood.

Josh said...

I really don't know. I am not sure if I want to invest my time in season 4.

1 - Ianto (because I love the character) and since many characters come back alive, I not really see why bring back Ianto is cheap the death. At long the story is good, I am on it.

2 - No interest in the new characters. what the point? They going to die.

3 - Enough of Gwen Cooper.

4 - Torchwood is no more Torchwood. No Hub, no SUV, Myfanwy, Gray brother all is destroy. Yes they can rebuilt all that but what the point? To explode it at season 5.

5 - I not see Jack find another lover in season 4. I can understand for season 5 but not in season 4. I not see why Jack come back to Earth when in season 2 he mention to Ianto he come back for the Coffee Boy. He leave Eath in day 5 because he's too upset. So why he come back.

6 - Season 4 probably going to be Gwenwood so I am not sure why I should invest my time.

IDTardis said...

Well I'd been discussing with my cousin(she's getting tired of my ranting) but theres ways of getting Ianto back, I mean he doesn't have to based the new series after Coe he can do it in between. Because like someone said "what's the point of getting hook on another season if he's just going to kill everybody at the end or just to watch Jack suffering? It's not worth it. I would not watch it and neither my cousins and that makes 2o of us plus friends. So watch out RTD your losing everybody.

Amy said...

Me wants more TORCHWOOD!! Bring back Gwen and Jack and Lois. . .Ianto, like Tosh and Owen, have passed away. Leave them alone, unless you shoot what's called a "dream segment."

If Torchwood comes back, I'll be watching to see what comes next. Obviously, Gwen and Rhys will be parents. But I'd like to see how we get Jack back to Earth and gets back into the groove.



IDTardis said...

Then, my dear Amy, I believe what you're asking for is Gwenwood, not Torchwood! but ok. I think for people who started liking Torchwood after COE the new season it'll be fine... For others like I believe it'll just a waste of energy power. My apologies if anyone feels ofended by this.

Anonymous said...

I want Ianto back.

The death of Ianto has really divided the whole fandom which is awful. I also don't think RTD expected it and his reaction was getting all devensive. I think if there is a series 4 an awful lot hinges on it, the entire fandom in fact

J.M. Ferretti said...

Wait - Ianto is dead?

Honestly, I have to ask something I've asked long are we going to be discussing this? I can see it now: 2013 - "Series 6 has been commissioned, what do you hope to see?" and 16 posts of "Ianto back from the dead". I'm sure RTD is thrilled with the passionate responses to his work - it's a writer's dream to elicit such a response!

While it's lovely that folks raised so much money for charity, I can't help but wonder if that money would have been raised if Ianto hadn't been killed off ---

BTW - it's possible to have been a huge fan of the show from the start, and to have loved CoE; they aren't mutually exclusive. I know folks like to discern between real fans (ie - those who hated Coe) and the rest of us, but it doesn't work that way. There is no right or wrong in this discussion - there is just opinion and belief. It'd be nice if we could disagree without needing to put the other person down...

zombiesxatxmyxdoor said...

I think we all want Ianto back. I dont really see how Torchwood would be Torchwood without him. As much as the writers want Gwen to seem as the "heart" of Torchwood, it was truly Ianto who kept everyone grounded in the end.
If this season turns into a Gwen trying to balance being a mother and Torchwood-fest, I dont really see the point in watching. I would LOVE to see the old Torchwood, not COE stuff. I loved the Hub, the SUV, the Rift and its crazy aliens, and not to mention the Weevils. I think that for this season to be successful, they need to go back to season 1 and 2 stuff.
But alas, Im not a writer. If not, Ianto would be back first ep :)
I guess we all just have to wait and have our fingers crossed.

torchwooddirect said...

im, wonering, am i the only person who actually liked gwen as a character??? and please cease with the ianto posts! hes dead and disintegrated! bring on the new series!

babyfacedoll411 said...

Children of Earth was totally depressing for me with Ianto dying, the Hub destroyed and Jack killing his grandson. Earth was saved, but Torchwood was killed in order to do it. Only Gwen left standing. Very sad. How can there be a fourth series without Captain Jack? Even though he did not physically die, I don't see how the character can go on after the events in COE.

Deborah said...

I'd seen the commercial: a line of 5 varied individuals striding purposefully into the camera lense. Fade to black. Torchwood.

I found Torchwood absolutely by mistake one night: a scene where I recognized the actors as those who were striding with purpose. The were doing yearly "maintenance" on a man who was apparently being kept in an extended period of suspended animation.. then something about a metal box that couldn't be opened until its built-in timer somehow recognized that it was time, something about a "rift", then appeals to a lovely Asian woman in a lab coat... I was hooked!

Initially it was the genre that interested me, but it was the quality of acting, of the characters, so superbly fleshed out by each of the actors, that within that first half hour of "To the Last Man", I was riveted to the television screen and wanting more.

So what I truly wanted to say was that Owen should be brought back.. when he died in "Exit Wounds" he was errr.. already dead yes? So writers can and should find a way. Burn Gorman's acting abilities within the Owen Harper character were almost hypnotic. Gorman made Owen Harper real and he needs to return. Of course Captain Jack can provide the means, especially if he's looking for a measure of absolution.

Regardless, the Torchwood team of actors, writers, tech, production and directorial talent, all contributed to my facinated moments of laughter, tension and tears.
Thank you.

Deborah (Ontario, Canada)

Face-palm said...

I read roughly half of the comments, precious few were from fans who saw the show for what it was instead of neurotically clinging on to a character or theme. Torchwood is supposed to be the darker, closer to reality sibling of Doctor Who and it's succeeded as such and as much, much more! If you want to watch Torchwood as it was with everyone alive and well, SUV included, then go watch some bloody reruns, because that's more or less what you'd be getting if the show didn't change. Death happens, it's unpredictable and it's supposed to be final. Learn to love what it signifies when it happens to a beloved, main character. It adds risk and uncertainty and now there's a ton of openings for new characters!

With the Hub gone, along with everything else, we'll be treated to characters, events, organizations, places, etc, which aren't chained down. All of the alien tech is, for the most part, lost and Torchwood will probably get government backing/funding after saving the 10% of Earth's children who'd have been horribly enslaved otherwise. New vehicles, new faces complete with life stories, new adventures, nuances, quirks and oddities! Who knows, maybe they'll leave Cardiff, after all there are other rifts in the worlds, maybe hundreds of rifts!

All of you bitching about not having YOUR Torchwood anymore, you're the worst kind of fans and you likely missed most of the actual show, it's awesome messages and wit, it's attempts to push and break social boundaries, etc. I hope no one involved with the show ever takes your opinions seriously or we'll really lose Torchwood. Reality is beautiful, don't you dare kick up a fuss when sci-fi / fantasy cater to it. Suspension of disbelief and ignoring the impossible should be kept to a minimum, not encouraged.

Oracle's Children said...

While I really liked Jack & Ianto, I don't want to see them - yet again - bring someone back from the dead. Jack does enough of that himself. I definitely want them to rebuild the hub, but can we make it a little less like some college kid's basement apartment? Also, I completely agree with everyone that said no baby stuff. I don't want TW to turn into SJA.

Here's what I want to see:
Jack returns and brings Alonzo with him. This immediately causes tension between Jack and Gwen b/c she feels he's not fully mourned the passing of Ianto.
Alonzo takes Tosh's spot.
Rhys takes Ianto's spot as the coffee boy.
A new person comes in as the doctor / Owen's spot. This person rocks the boat more so than Alonzo as they have an interest in Jack that's more than professional. Gwen starts to question the new doctor's intentions and find out that they're a plant just like the guy from CoE. This brings Gwen and Alonzo together to find out who this person is and what's really going on.

Tadeja said...

So Torchwood...I would really like to see Jack coming back with a companion from lourching around space....and a new Hub created in Cardiff as well and bring Torchwood up on another level!!!
There have to be the SUV and the hi-tech stuff they usually used and what I don't want to is that Torchwood becomes, like many of you said a ''Gwenwood''. Gwen should be like she was, but with not too much of her baby in it, or maybe if the baby will have to do with something, I don't know.
And as for Ianto...I loved the character, but I think it just would't be fair to bring him back again. Cuz if they'll bring him back, what'll happen?...everything will go back as it was...and we all seen that!!! I would also love to see Loise and Rhys back on Torchwood, they just fitted in somehow. And as far as I Gwen said...when all the CoE stuff is over, Loise will be hired and Rhys was already on it.
And last but not least...Jack...coming back as he was (all flirty and funny in every way), but with the guilt he had before he left Earth and much more darker and misteryous as he was. And I would really love to see him telling his crew about his past, what he is and what really happened to him, but slowly. :)

So thats my oppinion on what I expect of the uppcoming Torchwood season. And if it doesn't get that way, I'll watch it anyway...there's John Barrowman it it hellooooow !!! :)))

Anonymous said...

i would like John Hart to have an appearance but i just want to watch it i don't care, i love it so much.

Anonymous said...

Unless Ianto has the same abilities as Jack (coming back to life after being killed) I do not think we will see him grace the Hub or new TW HQ.

Oracle's Children said...

Has anyone else heard the rumor that TW is going to be remade for US TV?! The rumor I heard was that RTD was writing and that JB is considering the lead role! All I can say is that this would be the WORST decision EVER and that RTD would be a TOTAL sellout if he did it - though if it HAD to be done, I'd rather he do it than let someone else...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if they're planning to have an american version of the show and a british version at the same time. If its only american i hope they have jack at the centre of it. Gwen and her husband could be there too, but they should leave him at home with the kid, to keep Gwen out in the field. They should fast track it a couple years. New team members is obvious. They should go back to how jack was in the beginning, he shouldn't be tied down to one person. Without jack their is no torchwood, if they even try to make a new torchwood series without him it would be a complete waste of time. I do hope that they forget about bringing it to the u.s. therefore wrecking the show, i'd rather them keep it british, as so far things have gone so well, why risk such a good thing.

Matthew Schep said...

First, it has to have Jack. I think everyone is agreed on that.

Second, like most people have said, it cannot revolve around Gwen. I partially dislike her as a character as she is a stuck-up, nosy bitch, and having her as part of the team is good, but not co-starring with Jack.

Third, Martha and Mickey should join, as was hinted at the end of DW Season 4. Yes, I know, they've gone freelance (DW The End of Time) but we don't know how far into the future that is.

Fourth, I would like to see John Hart return. He was an excellent foil for Jack and a great character, and provided much better sexual input than Ianto. Don't get me wrong, I loved Ianto as a character, but the Jack-Ianto thing was overdone. And guys, Ianto isn't coming back. Get. Over. It. It's only a TV program. Given the choice, I would rather see Tosh, or even Owen, return. They were more well-rounded characters - Ianto hung around in the background too much, making coffee.

Fifth, I think the Doctor should make an appearance or two. He appeared on the Sarah Jane Adventures, so why not Torchwood?

Sixth, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT IN THE USA. American TV shows are lame. British TV shows are ultimate Win.

Seventh, the show should return to its original format. The Hub, the SUV, the same team dynamics. That's what we fans love about Torchwood. We don't want something new-fangled and weird. I'm not dissing CoE (I loved CoE), I'm saying that I dont want a 'remake' of the show.

Eighth, Gwen's baby should NEVER EVER appear on the show. That would be ridiculous. Seeing snippets of her life with Rhys is about as domestic as I'm willing to tolerate. THis is a sci-fi show, not a family one.

Elizabeth said...

I have to agree with just about everyone who has posted.
1. No Gwen-domesticity. Keep the focus on Jack/The Team (as a whole). I don't think I can handle having to put up with too much of that prissy bitch. (Yes, I have my hate on for Gwen, lol)
2. Jack must come back.
3. A new team, obviously, maybe Andy or Martha or similar?
4. I'd like to see the doctor, more than just a little snippet of TARDIS noise at the end of the first season.
5. I can live without Ianto (I miss him, but...), Jack needs a new, grittier, more character-challenging love interest. (Not John Hart, although I would like to see him again).
6. Oh, and can we haz some hopes please? CoE pretty much destroyed the world for my mum and I when we watched it. I hated it, and hated the desolation. It was terrible. I want a little more of the YAY MONSTERS! Side of Sci-Fi, and less of the Super!Angst world destruction, humanity is doomed stuff. :P

Anonymous said...

1) Less doom, more story. We live in a world where we can watch children die horribly on the nightly news, if not in Britain then surely elsewhere - we don't need it in our "leisure" fiction, OK?

2) Give me a character I can identify with: You've killed Jack for me...I can't fathom how the man isn't curled up drooling in his own sick after what he had to endure in CoE -- I can't relate to that kind of strength, even if it is possible.

3) No Gwenwood. She's a great actress and a competent leader but no.

4) More Rhys in Torchwood. I need to see *something* out of that man that makes it make *any* sense why Gwen is married to him. Right now he's a caring paycheck. You've *almost* let him be more in this or that episode, but not really. At this point he needs to be involved in Torchwood or written out of the script (bitter divorce?) because the in-between isn't working.

5) Gwen needs to lose that baby. You like angst, write it up so it makes sense. But I cannot *fathom* anyone working in a career like that who would have a child and not at the very least take a couple *years* off.

johnny said...

I am very very exciting to watch the forth season of Torchwood TV Show.

mary_scribe said...

I'm a newbie to this fandom, with a question for battle-scarred veterans. I've read through these comments and others on different sites. Did any of the same people who shook their fingers and lectured Tosh and/or Owen fans to "just get over it" when they were killed off, then go on tear their hair when Ianto was killed off? And I also wonder if the people lecturing Ianto fans to just get over it, would tear their own hair if Jack, Gwen or Rhys were kyboshed.

cloe1704 said...

Years later, only one Word: IANTO. I hate Gwen (she´s the writer´s favorite). COE WASN´T Torchwood: Jack & Ianto weren´t themselves (writers changed their personality!!!!)So it doesn´t count for me. Ianto Jones & Jack Harness and Toshiko Sato & Owen Harper (and Cardiff, the SUV, Myfawny...) will be always the best, the real and true Torchwood. Years later.

cloe1704 said...

And Gwen should NEVER been in the show, she´s not necessary. Simple. Today I don´t know what was his work in Torchwood (I´m not interested neither)