Friday, January 29, 2010

Desperate for John

The internet is buzzing with the news that John Barrowman will be guest starring on Desperate Housewives as a "villain". The rumor has been going around for months now but was finally confirmed by the Daily Mail and shortly thereafter by Barrowman's web team. Filming is scheduled for March and April in the US. The episodes (they did say plural!) will air in the spring for US audiences and some time around May or June for UK audiences.

John will no doubt have just as much fun filming as we all will watching him. Now readers, I wonder, how do you picture his character on that show? What do you think he'll be like?

On another note, thank you to everyone who gave so many thoughts on the future of Torchwood a few posts ago. It's great so see so many people sharing their opinions!


nissa_amas_katoj said...

I like John Barrowman and all, but I'd rather have my eyes burned out with acid than watch Desperate Housewives.

nissa from The Lina Lamont Fan Club

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, not quite sure I'd go as far as the above, but I certainly won't be watching it.

:) said...

I guess it's good for John but with the Torchwood US threat too? I'm worried for Cardiff...

Manda said...

I never really go into watching Desperate Housewives but I will definitely be watching the episodes John Barrowman is going to be in. Especially if he plays a villain!

Carla said...

Joh will be ok, as usuall. I'll be waiting for these episodes.

But were's TW? When will it be back?

J.M. Ferretti said...

I haven't watched this show since Season One, but will start again for JB. Since it wasn't in the post above - he is playing the Big Bad in the Angie storyline and will be in the final 5 episodes of the season. That's a pretty juicy role for La Barrowman to sink his teeth into...I can't wait!

Dr Game said...

Maybe this is the episode where we find out that the Desperate house wives are actually Slitheen in Disuges ;-p

Anonymous said...

Apparently Captain Jacks R Rover is up for auction along with a load of Dr Who stuff soon!!!

ill the team get a new one for the new T.wood or is this a hint that it is no more???

Anonymous said...

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J.M. Ferretti said...

I was wondering about the Rover, too. Then I remembered it got carjacked...bye, bye TW-mobile! Or, they can always make another...

Anonymous said...

a big black truck with 'Torchwood' carved in the side is a little non-covert

johns said...

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DJ Rob Cyberman said...

Can't wait for it. Would love to see John stretch his acting muscles and play a straight guy. Wouldn't that be novel :)

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J.M. Ferretti said...

In case anyone is still here - JB's debut on Desperate Housewives is this Sunday, March 21 in the US. I think it airs around June 18 in the UK...

Anonymous said...

Alright people.

As far as Torchwood goes... It might have a relaunch in the US (basically meaning a US Version; probably FOX will take over), and with the Hub in Cardiff destroyed, it kind of makes sense.

No word from RTD yet, as the BBC will tell him how they've decided on Season 4 in end of April.

J.M. Ferretti said...

Anon - where did you get that end of April info? That's that there's still some hope. Here's hoping my pathetic little email proclaiming love for TW from America might swing things in the direction of a re-commission of the series.

Did anyone watch DH last night?

James said...
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tadhg said...

OMG, i love Torchwood!!!!! I cant believe their making a new season, YAY, i wonder who the new person is. im so excited, but it wont be the same without Ianto, he makes it so funny. Children of Earth was so sad, i didnt really like it

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Anonymous said...

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