Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ianto's Back, Baby! [Sorta]

The new issue of the official Torchwood magazine – on sale 15th April – plays host to an exclusive Torchwood comic strip penned by Torchwood star and fan-favourite, Gareth David-Lloyd!

David-Lloyd'’s character, Ianto Jones, who died in Captain Jack’s arms in the recent Torchwood five-part series 'Children of Earth',’ gets a new lease of life and takes centre stage once again in this exclusive comic strip - a move that will delight all fans of the criticallly acclaimed Doctor Who spin-off.

Talking exclusively to the official Torchwood magazine, David-Lloyd said, "I feel I know this character implicitly. The narrative of this comic focuses predominantly on Ianto, and integrates a number of characters who have been missed by Torchwood'’s ardent followers."

The story, titled 'Shrouded', is made up of two parts and is as diverse as it is thrilling. Ianto, who struggles with his tumultuous feelings for Captain Jack from the offset, has his world turned upside-down by the visit of a familiar face from the future. Additionally, he is set a mission that could alter the course of life, as he knows it, forever...

'Shrouded' is illustrated by Pia Guerra, the critically acclaimed artist of Vertigo Comics' ground-breaking series, Y: The Last Man and more recently, ‘Doctor Who: The Forgotten.’ Pia won ‘Outstanding comic book artist for 2006’ at the Joe Schuster Awards.

Torchwood Magazine #21
On-sale April 15 in the UK
On-sale May 11 in the US


Captain Fluffles said...

Epic! Can't wait to get hold of a copy! :D

J.M. Ferretti said...

My excitement about this story is exceeded only by the joy I feel of seeing a new post!!! Thanks, Nabu San!!!

Maxwell said...

is there any way you can scan it so that non UK/US folk can read it?? After all we are fans too.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Weevils & Blowfish aliens from Torchwood will be appearing at some point in the 2-Part Who finale "The Pandorica Opens" / "The Big Bang". I know it's not much, but I'll take any Torchwood I can get at the moment. Other aliens encountered by Torchwood are also said to be appearing, such as the Daleks, the Cybermen & the Hoix.

Rosie said...

Thanks For that amazing post! I love TorchWood Show and like to keep a collection of all its episodes. But trust me I never got such good picture and sound quality from anywhere except this torchwood.


puck said...

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lenny brown said...

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Hines said...

Thanks so much for the announcement!
I love reading this magazine almost as I love to watch TV online :)

Anonymous said...

torchwood is a great show, i'm really feeling it a lot, but they ruining it with all the gay scenes, that's outta control.

Sh said...

Hi! I'm a Hunharian TW fan and I am very happy that I found you and this site! I adore Jack Harkness and the whole series!