Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye

A statement regarding TORCHWOOD.tv:

It's been two years since the last full season of Torchwood aired; almost three since it was recorded.

At this point, it is highly unlikely that the show will return for a fifth season, or at all in any format (although lets remain hopeful!).

As such, there 's very little new news to report on.

For the time being then, the site is closed for business. Its archive of Torchwood related news, dating back to the day the show was announced in late 2005, remains.

We're proud of what we've achieved here since then.

Thanks to everybody who's contributed, either through writing the blog, leaving comments, or simply visiting us.

Don't forget, as if you could, that you can pick up all of Torchwood's television episodes on demand, or DVD/Blu-Ray. There 's also a wealth of Radio Episodes and other audio exclusives for you to hunt down and enjoy, also.

Be seeing you...

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